Dali Power has brought out no flickering isolated LED tube driver

Dec. 4, 2012
Date Announced: 04 Dec 2012 After Dali Power Limited successfully launched Non- isolated LED tube driver, Dali Power Limited has researched and developed isolated non-flickering LED tube driver , which has provide strong technology assistances for LED fixtures, and cause wave to the new LED fixtures application. We need healthy lightingLighting pollution is commonly seen everywhere in our life, the typical cases are flickering and dazzling, Ultraviolet radiation, Electromagnetic wave radiation and so on. If people see normal lighting, their eyes will be fatigued after reading long, this problem is caused by frequent flickering. The common family lightings, the ray will have 100 times bright and dark changes, people eyes need to adjust and change always in order to meet with the frequent flickering lighting source. Eyes will automatically feel fatigued after long time usage. As the symbol of civilization, people can not leave lighting and they need to make efforts in healthy lighting and decreasing of lighting pollution. Why the lighting is frequent flickering? At present, most lighting are frequent flickering, there is no national compulsory requirement about this, only some developed countries have compulsory requirements, no mainstream consciences and spec tactions are required. The flickering reasons are LED lighting source need the power supply and to change from Ac to DC is needed, and the frequency after current adjustment is 2 times of AC current, which is from 100-120 Hz, it can not be seen by eyes and the frequency of camera is also frequency; Therefore, there is frequency circle meeting problem and the flickering and flashing problems will be appearing. This is not LED problem but the LED power supply driver problem which is adopted by LED lighting manufacturer. The solve ment of frequent flickering problem. At one high lighting areas such as offices and shopping malls, in order to make advantages of LED lighting, LED power supply are with advantage of high PF, high efficiency, low cost and long life; the traditional LED power supply are resistor current restriction, lines features adjustments and the low efficiency of the changes from mercy to others, the on and off power supply have high exchange efficiency, watt density and Control accuracy , which is especially suitable for high power LED power supply; At the circumstance of alternative current as input, the high power LED power supply is composed of change circuit and driver circuit. the change circuit is changing the AC to DC and realize Power factor correction (PFC), while the driver circuit is adopting special LED driver IC to provide constant current; As LED is the correct direction voltage feature, it can be properly working at DC, therefore, LED is not frequent flickering, are these are depending on the LED power supply’s driving voltage, the smooth constant current points and the rays which is spread out consistently. All these depend on the LED power supply drivers’ voltage and current is stable and constant current lighting will light on the LED tubes and then the lighting will be spread out. If the above problems are solved then the LED flickering will not be appearing any more.We are ready!a)Dali Power Limited passed EMC/EMI/EMS and LVD tests, and Dali Power Limited is now applying for UL8750. b)The accumulated supplying models are reaching to 30,000 pcs with defective rate to be 1/1000. c)The non-flickering technology is patent owned. d)Design the LED power supply drivers which are suitable for main markets and main streams. Such as 3014, 3528 LED string packaging and so on. e)Available at DC30-43V/200-600MA. f)Low costs, Low THD (THD <20%), high efficiency (220Vac >85%).For more information about Dali Power Limited products visit www.daliled.com

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