Lynk Labs announces several more key patents

June 6, 2012
Date Announced: 06 Jun 2012 Lynk Labs has received several more new patents for AC LED technology and Displays with Integrated LED Lighting.Lynk Labs Inc., the industry leader in patented AC LED technology from circuits to systems has been granted 3 more key patents in the US for LED technology. The patents fall within two areas of LED lighting. AC LED technology, a core focus and expertise within Lynk and Displays with Integrated General Lighting, a new system level patent that can use AC or DC LEDs. The AC LED patents include US Patent No. 8,148,905 entitled AC Light Emitting Diode And AC LED Drive Methods And Apparatus which encompasses AC LED circuits, packages, drive methods and systems. US Patent No. 8,179,055 entitled LED Circuits And Assemblies encompassing core fundamental AC LED circuit structures including basic bridge rectified and imbalanced bridge structures. The display related patent is US Patent No. 8,177,390 entitled Electronic Display Device With Integrated Lighting System encompassing TV, PC Monitors, Digital Picture Frames and all other forms of displays having an integrated general lighting system. According to Lynk, the patent provides a new method of driving LEDs into the general lighting market using AC LEDs or DC LEDs at a system level. “For example, a PC monitor may have a task light integrated within its base that can light up the work surface of a desk or in back to light up the cavity of a credenza for an indirect accent light. Or a digital picture frame or TV display may have integrated LED lighting in the back providing a wall washing effect that can be turned on or off and dimed by the user independent of the display being on or off” said Chick Huber, VP Business Development at Lynk Labs. “A user interface to control the lights in the display may even include the standard remote control” said Huber. “These new approvals are a welcome addition to a broad and diverse LED intellectual property portfolio that Lynk Labs continues to grow,” said Mike Miskin, Lynk Labs’ President and CEO. “Lynk Labs AC-LED technology is now being integrated into many products by a number of large OEMs in various markets and AC-LED technology is rapidly becoming a competitive technology solution for the future growth of the LEDs as they penetrate the general lighting market,” said Miskin.

Charles Huber

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