Kingbright Corporation presents the 2nd generation enhanced mid-power LEDs

June 15, 2012
Date Announced: 15 Jun 2012 Kingbright Corporation present its 2nd generation enhanced Mid-Power 0.5W LEDs – the AA3535 series. The new enhanced AA3535 series provides 25% more optical output with better performance to excel your design. Its compact size 3.5mm x 3.5mm with low profile of 1.15mm is designed for handheld and portable devices. Embedded with zener diode, this package provides ESD protection up to 8000V. Available in full color spectrum and white in various color temperatures, AA3535 package is also suitable for different lighting applications in various industries, such as decorative and entertainment lighting applications, automotive interior lighting applications, commercial and residential applications.To learn more about this package or to obtain samples today, please visit more Kingbright products, please visit us at www.KingbrightUSA.comAbout Kingbright CorporationKingbright Corporation is a leading LED manufacturer of High Brightness LEDs, SMD LEDs, SMD/Through-Hole Displays, Through-Hole LEDs, Circuit Board Indicators (CBI) and other LED related products. Headquartered in Taiwan, Kingbright adhere its core mission to dedicate technological innovations and vest in R&D projects for over 30years. Kingbright also offers fully customized LED solutions to enhance customer designs with many options in LED packages and colors.

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