Maximum protection for LED lighting systems: MTL LED series surge protectors

June 27, 2012
Date Announced: 27 Jun 2012 LED lighting technology continues to grow in popularity due to its fast start up, low energy consumption, long-life and reliability. This is particularly true in markets that include Home Automation lighting, commercial road and street lighting, highway lighting, sign lighting and industrial lighting. Since LEDs are more susceptible to surges and transients, realizing the maximum potential from LED lighting requires high performance surge protection. MTL, a division of Cooper Crouse-Hinds, announces the LS10 (serial) and LS12 (parallel) Series of surge protectors purpose-built to protect LED lighting from transients and surges generated by lightning and switching transients. The LS Series is suitable for harsh environments, including outdoor mounting, and provides high performance circuit protection that saves valuable LED lighting assets, reduces maintenance, prevents unwanted failures and decreases degradation damage for longer lifetimes. Features include:•Protection of LED lighting systems and drivers•Space saving footprint for mounting in confined locations•Protection for 120V-347V and 480V Systems•High performance to size ratio•Fully automatic operation•UL1449 3rd Edition Type 4 Recognized Component•Rated for harsh environments•10 year product warrantyThe Series features Metal Oxide Varistor (MOV) technology and high energy discharge tube (gdt) technology with a state-of-the-art failure disconnect network that provides contractors, installers, LED system OEMs and end-users with years of peace-of-mind operation.

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