Bruker introduces EC-AFM solutions for Li Battery Research

June 20, 2012
Date Announced: 20 Jun 2012 Bruker today announced the release of the first turnkey solution for Li battery electrochemical atomic force microscopy (EC-AFM) research. The new EC-AFM accessory adds a sealed electrochemical cell specifically designed for battery research and turnkey 1 parts per million (ppm) environmental control to the industry-leading Dimension Icon® AFM platform to enable long-term in situ studies of Li battery electrodes. This solution also leverages Bruker’s exclusive Peak Force Tapping® technology to provide the easiest available fluid imaging with ScanAsyst® and to track in situ nanoscale electrode changes during a charging cycle with high-resolution PeakForce QNM® property mapping.“Consumer demands for substantially increased energy density, power density, and lifetime associated with new battery applications are driving extensive efforts to optimize Li battery electrode structures,” said Mark R. Munch, Ph.D., president of the Bruker Nano Surfaces Division. “Our new electrochemical accessory package transforms the Dimension Icon AFM into a turnkey battery research solution that ideally meets these needs.” “With the release of our second-generation EC-AFM package, Bruker continues its commitment to green energy research,” added David V. Rossi, executive vice president and general manager of Bruker’s AFM Business. “The combination of PeakForce QNM with environmental and electrochemical control that is tailored for Li batteries uniquely provides quantitative and relevant nanoscale characterization of Li battery anodes and cathodes.” About Dimension Icon ElectrochemistryThe Dimension Icon electrochemical accessory is designed for the widest chemical solvent compatibility, combining inert Teflon and Kel-F cell bodies with a sealed chamber to enable long-term in situ electrode studies under electrochemical control and in volatile solvents. The cup-shaped electrochemical cell is designed to allow efficient sample change and connection independent from counter-electrode (dis)assembly. It is fully compatible with Bruker’s recently introduced 1ppm environmental control package, creating a turnkey system for interrogating Li battery samples. A new probe holder designed specifically for this cell, together with the Dimension Icon's motorized stage and proprietary software, enable repeated engagement on the same location, even upon adding solvent to a previously dry sample. This combination also allows fast, easy engaging onto black samples, such as Li cathode materials. The EC-AFM accessory fully leverages the Dimension Icon platform’s large range, closed-loop tip scanner and exclusive PeakForce QNM Mode for the best EC-AFM performance available.About Bruker Corporation (NASDAQ: BRKR)Bruker Corporation is a leading provider of high-performance scientific instruments and solutions for molecular and materials research, as well as for industrial and applied analysis. For more information about Bruker Corporation, please visit

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