Mean Well launches 16W/ 25W LED power supply: LPF-16 (D)/25 (D)

June 7, 2012
Date Announced: 07 Jun 2012 After launching the plastic case LED power supplies~LPF-40 (D)/60(D)/90(D) series, MEAN WELL continuously introduced 16W/25W lower wattage models~LPF-16/16D and LPF-25/25D series, to fulfill the low wattage LED lighting and decorative lighting applications. Featuring with 90~305VAC wide range AC input, these four series not only fit for general 115VAC or 230VAC main input, but also can be operated under 277VAC input in North America. Without dimming function, LPF-16/25 series are primary models with basic functions; and for LPF-16D/25D series, they equip with additional “three-in-one dimming function” which offer system designers great flexibility for designing lighting fixtures by using 1~10VDC, PWM signal, or changing resistance to achieve brightness reduction and energy saving purpose. LPF-16(D)/25(D) series are enclosed by plastic case with 94V-0 fire prevention level. LPF-16 (D) series provides two types for choices: standard type without IP level and optional type with IP67 level. Saving cost of the glue, the standard type has price competitiveness to fulfill all kinds of economical applications; LPF-25 (D) series are fully potted by heat-conducted glue (IP67 structure) and which allow internal shock absorption to withstand 5G vibration and provide the protection for internal electronic components against dust and moisture. In addition, these four series possess up to 87% of high efficiency and can work between -40 ~ +70℃ by only free air convection (-40℃ power on at 230VAC and above). Other standard functions include Class II AC input design (two wires, without FG) and protection for short circuit, over voltage, overload and over temperature. Comply with global certificates per UL8750, EN61347-1, EN61347-2-13, and EN55015 of lighting regulations, your safety can be greatly guaranteed. Suitable applications include LED office lighting, LED electric display, wash-wall lighting, LED stage lighting and LED decorative lighting…etc.Features:1.Wide range input 90~305 VAC 2.Plastic case with 94V-0 fire prevention level 3.Without glue (non IP): LPF-16/16D-xx (standard type) 4.Potted by glue (IP 67): LPF-16/16D-xxP (optional type); LPF-25/25D-xx (standard type) 5.Built-in 3 in 1 dimming function (1~10VDC, PWM signal, or resistance) for LPF-16D/25D 6.87% high efficiency 7.Cooling by free air convection 8.Class II design, without FG 9.Class 2 power unit / pass LPS 10.Protections: short circuit / Overload / Over voltage / Over temperature 11.Certificates: UL / CUL / ENEC / CB / CE 12.Dimension (LxWxH): 148x 40x 32mm 13.3 years warranty


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