Premium backlit LED light box makes brilliance and flexibility a reality in display design

June 12, 2012
Date Announced: 12 Jun 2012 At a time when consumers demand unique experiences with brands, lighting remains one of the most critical elements of a brand’s visual presentation – and LEDs have become the desired source. To help companies harness this leading-edge technology to brilliantly convey their brands and attract and influence customers, Stylmark introduces the Optima 1000 LED Backlit Light Box, one of the brightest light box displays with versatility for custom applications. “As retail and commercial environments quickly adopt LED lighting, the future of display light boxes is in LED technology as well,” says Kevin Hogan, president of Stylmark. “The Optima 1000 LED enables brands to be at the cutting edge of visual presentation, while reducing operating costs and environmental impact.”A sophisticated alternative to backlit fluorescent and edgelit LED light boxes, the Optima 1000 LED combines the best aspects of each technology for a more vivid and consistent display of branded graphics. Its premium light source contains a panel of LEDs, ensuring all graphic sizes are evenly lit and illumination is uniformly diffuse without hot spots or visible emitters. Measuring more than 1,000 foot-candles, the Optima 1000 LED is brighter than many backlit fluorescent light boxes while providing the benefits of LED technology: lower power consumption, longer lifespan and fewer failure points.Leveraging Stylmark’s engineering expertise, the Optima 1000 LED opens new avenues of creativity for custom displays that meet unique brand looks and individual project requirements. The Optima 1000 LED’s sleek, modern frame can be transformed with hundreds of finish options, including anodized finishes matched to specific colors. It can also be a stand-alone fixture, or incorporated into larger illuminated displays with shelving – an ideal solution for drawing customers to specific merchandise.“Designers and decision makers want to present their brands in the best possible fashion, and in ways that can be tailored to their specifications to bring design visions to life,” says Hogan. “A contrast to a one-size-fits-all light box, the Optima 1000 LED can be fashioned to fit precise brand requirements, ensuring that graphics are brilliantly vivid and the application is as unique as the brand itself.”For more information about the Optima 1000 LED, visit or call 877-866-3033. About StylmarkFounded in 1954, Stylmark is a leading designer and manufacturer of finished fixtures and full solutions – from aluminum and steel products, to LED lighting, showcases, fitting rooms, shelving, kiosks, architectural moldings and more. Stylmark’s extensive inventory of stock and custom products and solutions are designed to work together, creating comprehensive and distinctive lifestyle environments. For more information about Stylmark, visit


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