Third garage municipality of Münster/WBI decided to install Rentalite’s LED lighting.

Sept. 24, 2012
Date Announced: 24 Sep 2012 Because of its excellent track record and experience with Rentalite, the municipality of Münster/WBI has decided to install its 3rd garage with Rentalite’s LED lighting as well.The municipality of Munster stated that: “The forecasted savings were exactly the same as the calculation Rentalite had provided us with before we started with the first 2 garages, this is why we feel comfortable and full faith in moving ahead” The ‘theater parkhaus’ will be using and installing Rentalite’s PPL fixtures, a robust aluminum fixture with interchangeable powerLED strips.After the full renovation of the garage the energy efficient LED fixtures will be installed in September. Next to the PPL fixtures, the garage will also be installing an intelligent dimming system, which will increase the energy savings.


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