Iluminarc lights Gulfstream Park Racing & Casino

Sept. 27, 2012
Date Announced: 27 Sep 2012 Hallandale Beach, Fla. — A premier horse racing facility, Gulfstream Park’s recent massive renovations include the construction of the racing and casino building, at the core of the park. Featuring sleek, classical architecture, the facility is now more captivating, colored by more than 70 ILUMINARC® exterior lighting solutions that wash the white exterior façade in intense colors. Cinderbugz Tek-One installed 40 Ilumipanel 48 IP and 34 Ilumipod 48 IP lights, which were provided by Stage Equipment and Lighting. Used as cove lighting, Ilumipanel 48 IP fixtures spread bright even fields of light from inside the second floor’s walkway and light the south and north towers on either side of the building. Ilumipod 48 IP lights uplight the façade from the base of 18 columns and highlight the corners of the building. The ILUMINARC® fixtures proved to be the best choice for an outdoor installation, capable of withstanding challenging weather elements, while bringing high-quality color rendering. “We chose RGBW fixtures because we wanted to enhance the architecture and couldn’t do that with just our basic colors,” Zorrilla said. “We needed the white to lift us up and to accent the paint on the façade. We wanted to get the basic saturation of each LED and that was consistent with the panels and with the pods.”When selecting and placing the lights Zorrilla had to take into consideration the moisture factor, extensive heat, direct sunlight and salt air. Ilumipod 48 IP and Ilumipanel 48 IP each carry an IP67 rating. “In South Florida there is a lot of heat that actually expands metal and plays with the gaskets really bad. The ILUMINARC® fixtures have functioned so well. All the metals kept tight and the seals were perfectly rounded. It has been over a year and we haven’t had any seepage, nor condensation.” The goal of the installation wasn’t to hide features from the building, but to accent them. “We couldn’t get too punchy with the lighting, but we enhanced the color and the shape of the architecture,” Zorrilla said.


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