LEDE releases double-sided hanging LED panel light

Sept. 3, 2012
Date Announced: 03 Sep 2012 LEDE has released a double-sided hanging LED panel light, whose design is patent pending. The panel light uses a high quality LED driver, which enables it to possess stable performance. Its dimension is 1200x150mm, the thickness is 14mm, we adopt the high lumen SMD 3014 chip, each unit LED can reach to 0.1W, the light source is composed of 388 pcs SMD3014, the beam angle is 240 degree. The most important is that both sides of this lighting fixture can emit the light. Besides, this hanging type LED panel light transmit 2800 lumens to 3300 lumens at 85-265V AC with different color temperature. The color temperature has three choices: 2700K-3500K, 4000K-5000K, 6000-6500K. Applications include office lighting, restaurant lighting and other commercial lighting.They perfectly replace florescent tube lights and grid lights. The lights give instant consistent light without the flickering or bad side effects that florescent tubes and grid light can lead to. With a high light transmission rate and soft surface lighting the panel produces less visual fatigue. This LED panel lights are hanging celling with wirerope, the smooth profile of the LED Live panel can add sophistication and style to any commercial space, reducing glare and giving an optical illusion of natural light.Advantages :All-round, multi-angle luminous, dimmable, soft light effects and good uniformity, moreover, the luminous proportion of front and rear are adjustable as per customer requests.LEDE always making great efforts in R&D and design, devoting themselves to new product development and design, strive for create more value to customer, finally, if you would like to know information, please contact us, thank you.

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