Iluminarc joyfully colors visitors at Cedar Point

Sept. 27, 2012
Date Announced: 27 Sep 2012 SANDUSKY, Ohio — Cedar Point, the second oldest operating amusement park in the United States, offers a wide variety of entertainment, from its dynamic roller coasters to interactive shows or pictures with Snoopy. Placed in the midway area of the park, 28 ILUMINARC® exterior lighting solutions walk guests from the main entrance to Celebration Plaza, vividly coloring buildings and accentuating signs. President of Blue Haze Entertainment Andrew Strain found the ILUMINARC® lights ideal for this architainment application and conceived the design for the midway section. Sixteen Ilumiline 21 IP linear RGB wash luminaires uplight 16 pieces of vertical truss placed equidistantly in a median green area. “Ilumiline 21 IP is great as a truss toner,” Strain said. “It’s a little bit wider than the truss, giving an even wash, up the 16-foot towers.”Easy to customize, all of the Ilumiline 21 IP lights have special brackets and a strap under the bottom. “These lights are great to use,” Strain said. “There are no buttons on them, there are no screens, and you can tie them directly into conduit boxes.”Installed on the buildings to accent not only the signs, but also the architecture of the facades are 12 Ilumipod 18 IP lights. “The Ilumipod 18 IP fixtures have been mounted inside parts of the building, so just the head part of the LEDs is exposed,” Strain said.Carrying an IP67 rating, all of the ILUMINARC® fixtures have been sandblasted and repainted to look either like the buildings, or like the truss they light. “They last forever outdoors, and you get the same quality out of the LED lights that you normally get from non-IP-rated lights,” Strain said. Another reason for Strain to choosing LED wash lights is the energy efficiency. “On a 20-amp circuit that we use to normally run one or two lights, we’re running 18 lights on each 20-amp circuit and they’re about 70 percent more efficient than their halogen version,” Strain said. “Plus we have the added benefit of being able to change colors.”


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