Lend Lease and PolyBrite install 9500 Borealis LED lamps in homes in Knox Hills, KY

Sept. 1, 2012
Date Announced: 01 Sep 2012 Knox Hills, Kentucky — Lend Lease, a leader in public-private community development, and PolyBrite International, Inc., manufacturer and creator of Borealis® LED Lamps and Lighting, have partnered to convert the Oak Park Neighborhood at Knox Hills into the largest residential LED community in the world.The project, which consists of more than 9,500 Borealis LED light bulbs installed in 164 homes, is scheduled for completion in October 2012.The new Borealis LED bulbs will reduce community energy costs by $34,000 in one year, more than $859,000 over the 22-year life span of the LED bulb, and are expected to conserve approximately 2.6 million kWh worth of light energy, the equivalent of planting 547 acres of trees. In addition, the LED bulb will last more than 22 years, compared to CFL bulbs, which last 3.4 years, and are 100% recyclable. The project will also help the Department of Defense reach its goal of reducing its energy consumption by 20% before 2020.Media wishing to attend should contact the Fort Knox Public Affairs Office at (502) 624-3051 to make arrangements and arrive at the Brandenburg Station Road Gate by 10:30 a.m.WHAT: Ceremonial “light up” event to kickoff installation of 9,500 Borealis LED bulbs in 164 homes at the Oak Park Neighborhood at Knox Hills on Fort Knox. Once completed in October 2012, Knox Hillswill be the largest residential LED retrofit-installed community in the world.WHEN: Wednesday, September 5, 2012 at 11:00 a.m.WHERE: Oak Park Neighborhood at Knox Hills (insert address and arrival instructions)WHO: Lend Lease representativesKnox Hills representativesPolyBrite International representativesFort Knox representativesAbout Lend Lease Lend Lease is a leading international property and infrastructure group. Listed on the Australian Securities Exchange and with circa 17,000 employees worldwide, the firm’s capabilities span the property and infrastructure spectrum.In the US, Lend Lease’s public partnership business is the nation’s leader in public/private community development. With a focus on creating sustainable value, Lend Lease creates communities that regenerate our environment, enrich people’s lives and foster economic growth. Lend Lease has worked extensively with the Department of Defense through the Military Housing Privatization Initiative (MHPI), a program that provides for the transfer of military housing assets to private sector companies. With over 40,000 residential units, 192 apartments and 7,700hotel rooms in its portfolio, Lend Lease will finance, develop, build, renovate and operate these sites for at least 50 years.We create innovative and sustainable property solutions, forging partnerships and delivering maximum benefits to clients, investors and communities. Safety is our number one priority and Lend Lease is committed to operating Incident & Injury Free wherever we have a presence.About PolyBrite InternationalPolyBrite International, Inc., a subsidiary of The Goeken Group, has established itself as an innovative global LED lighting technology company since 1995. PolyBrite has dedicated 17 years of experience in designing and manufacturing sustainable LED lighting solutions that deliver outstanding energy reduction without sacrificing performance and light quality. With a strong commitment to minimizing environmental impact, PolyBrite manufactures innovative, energy-efficient LED lighting solutions under its BOREALIS® brand providing energy and maintenance savings solutions.PolyBrite maintains complete control of the design, engineering, the chips and components used in the development and manufacturing of its Borealis solid-state lighting products, ensuring the highest quality and reliability across a wide range of product lines. PolyBrite’s Borealis LED lamps and lighting systems achieve superior performance and efficiency through its advanced technologies, proprietary design, and patented thermal management method. Borealis products include LED lamps, Street Lighting, Panel and Tube Lighting in a wide range of color temperatures, matching the light quality and brightness of conventional lighting. PolyBrite’s circuitry and heat sink design, polymer lens technology, and overall design philosophy combine to make some of the best LED lighting technology on the market today.More information on PolyBrite’s Borealis brand of products is available on the Internet at www.polybrite.com or www.borealislighting.com or by calling 1-800-320-3801.

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