Fulham launches contractor-friendly Room Solution for lighting control

Sept. 27, 2012
Date Announced: 27 Sep 2012 Fulham has announced the launch of its Fulham® HorseSense™ Lighting Control System as a "Room Solution" that reduces energy usage by up to 70% while delivering highly customized and individually dimmable scene selection. HorseSense provides easy, quick installation of intelligent sensors, switches, interconnect hardware and drivers or ballasts WITHOUT the need for commissioning (without the need for system setup & programming). This lighting control system can be used across multiple lighting technologies, including LED and fluorescent. It is ideally suited for interior building workspaces, spaces with varied work hours where occupancy sensor utilization could be beneficial, schools, and much more. The Room Solution is also scalable to include larger areas, with the addition of a controller, software and commissioning; this introduces daylighting capabilities.

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