TESS omni-directional LED Bulb - My choice, My Lifestyle!

Sept. 17, 2012
Date Announced: 17 Sep 2012 ﹝Taiwan / Taipei﹞ Since everyone discuss about energy saving, environmental protection and love for the earth, what can you do then? Taiwan LED lighting brand TESS (Top Energy Saving System) leads the trend of the world to unveil new omni-directional LED bulb which could save 80% electricity than incandescent bulb and it can save 45% electricity than energy saving light bulb. Compare to the energy saving light bulb, LED bulb does not contain mercury characteristics, so that it would not harm the earth. Streamlined lampshade design with white painted appearance makes TESS new omni-directional LED bulb unique and outstanding. With beam angle 300 degree, TESS omni-directional LED bulb could fit various applications, the key features are “brilliant appearance”, “brightness” and “300 degree wide angle”. TESS omni-directional LED bulb breakthrough the limit and brings to new milestone, LED lighting bulb can be stylish and modern. TESS omni-directional LED Bulb – my choice, my lifestyle.Product Features:•Omni-directional LED Bulb, Beam Angle: 300 degree•Power Factor > 0.9•Indoor lighting for residential use•Equal to 40W incandescent bulb•LED Lifetime: 40,000 hrs; lasting 40 times longer than incandescent bulb•Health protection: no UV/IR; more comfortable for vision•Environmental protection: zero Mercury; lower CO2 emission•Energy saving: electricity saving rate more than 80%; lower burden on air-conditioner•Durability: reinforced plastic and metal body design; breakage resistance•Lighting convenience: instant lighting-on with no flickering•Easy to use: compatible with general lamp-socket

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