Grasp Lighting Group - power & lighting and Phoster Industries team up in Houston, TX

Sept. 24, 2012
Date Announced: 24 Sep 2012 GRASP LIGHTING GROUP, LLC in conjunction with Phoster Industries has completed the installation of the Phoster PAR30 Ambient Series at The Melting Pot in Houston, Texas this month. The Phoster PAR30 contain the OSRAM Golden Dragon LED diode as their LED diode of choice.The installation was handled by Grasp Lighting Group, LLC out of Dania Beach, FL with the full team assistance of The Melting Pot Houston team. Phoster was able to customize the beam angle selection and Kelvin color selection by the adaptation of different lenses and coated lens required to match the clients request for the correct ambiance. Grasp CEO, Peter V. Baker participated in the development of the installation providing expertise on which PAR30 to install, beam angle determination and color selection. The Melting Pot Team led by General Manager Dustin Wendel was extremely pleased with the performance of the Phoster Par30s and was pleased as the performance of the new verses the old saved 90% on the energy usage pulling less than 2W when dimmed. Maintenance issues have been eliminated and the load on the AC systems is next to nil as the Phosters produce next to no heat thereby saving additional energy. Grasp was introduced to Phoster Industries by Power & Lighting out of Miami, Fl. The relationship between the team has been strengthened by this outstanding success says Peter, when you consume less that 2W of energy, match the clients beam and color criteria and couple that with the quality of the OSRAM chip design it truly is a tremendous package.The GRASP-Power & Lighting and Phoster plan is to now take this package with all its color and beam options directly to the remaining 145 Melting Pot restaurants.The Phoster PAR family of LED products has a patented and unique sustainability construction feature. At the appropriate period of the life cycle of the lumens output the lamp is pulled from service for 5 minutes and the LED board or engine is removed and replaced with the latest upgrade allowing Phoster to continually offer their clients the latest in design and efficiency. This LED board retro is at a fraction of the original PAR cost and can be client accomplished on their schedule during non work hours, true sustainability.


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