Spectral Evolution announces wideband performance in a lab spectroradiometer

Sept. 11, 2012
Date Announced: 11 Sep 2012 The SR-1900 and SR-1600 from SPECTRAL EVOLUTION provide precision, single box light source measurement.Lawrence, MA – For the quantitative measurement of light sources, like solar simulators, street lamps, commercial lighting, automotive lighting, LEDs, and lasers, SPECTRAL EVOLUTION offers the SR-1900 and SR-1600, affordable laboratory spectroradiometers. Covering 350-1900nm and 300-1700nm, respectively, they feature both a silicon photodiode array and InGaAs photodiode array to allow easy and fast measurements with one complete unit. With these capabilities, users are freed from the tediousness of purchasing, configuring, connecting and integrating multiple spectrometer boxes to measure UV, Vis, and NIR in their lighting applications.These systems represent affordable, single box solutions that are compact, lightweight, rugged, and easy to use. Both units are factory-configured with auto-exposure settings and automatic dark currents with an integral shutter for rapid, one-touch operation, a fiber optic cable, and right angle diffuser. The SR-1600 and SR-1900 can be customized with a variety of alternate input optics, including lenses for different target sizes, fiber optics, custom sampling probes, and integrating spheres. SPECTRAL EVOLUTION’s exclusive DARWin SP Data Analysis software package is included with each instrument so you can take advantage of the following analysis features: • classification of solar simulator spectral match per ASTM E927-05 and IEC 60904-9; •flexible photometric energy calculations; •timed spectra collection;•easily exported data to most 3rd party software programs.For the measurement of reflectance, transmittance, and absorbance of solids, powders, thin films, and other materials in process control applications, they can be purchased as general purpose spectrometers: the SM-1900 and SM-1600.For more information on these and other spectroradiometers, visit www.spectralevolution.com/spectroradiometers.htmlAbout SPECTRAL EVOLUTIONEstablished in 2004, SPECTRAL EVOLUTION is a leading manufacturer of laboratory and handheld portable spectrometers, spectroradiometers and spectrophotometers. SPECTRAL EVOLUTION spectrometers are used worldwide for many mission-critical lab, field and on-line process assignments due to their reliable, robust, rugged design and user-friendly one-touch features. SPECTRAL EVOLUTION maintains a facility in Lawrence, Massachusetts which houses all operations including, design, prototyping, manufacturing and in-house repair facilities for the instruments that it markets and sells worldwide, either through direct sales, OEM sales or through distributor agents. Spectral Evolution also maintains state of the art spectral, spectral radiance and spectral irradiance calibration facilities for periodic calibration of equipment in the UV, VIS, NIR and SWIR wavelength regions.

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