LEDnovation announces EnhanceLite BR30 line of lamps

Sept. 26, 2012
Date Announced: 26 Sep 2012 Tampa, Florida – LEDnovation, a leader in development of LED replacement lamps, today introduced the world’s first Warm Dimming LED BR30 replacement lamp. As background, incandescent and halogen lamps turn warmer in color temperature when dimmed. LEDnovation’s EnhanceLite® LED-BR30-65-1-27D-IF breaks new ground in the LED lighting industry with the most accurate representation of true incandescent and halogen dimming. With a unique digital dimming control, trichromatic color solution and customized dimming profile algorithms, the lamp, when dimmed, follows the black body planckian locus with exceptional fidelity. The result is the first lamp on the market with the true look and feel across the entire dimming range of a traditional incandescent BR30.The lamps are ideal in a variety of applications that require warm lighting, such as track lighting, recessed ceiling lights, retail display lighting, and general household light fixtures. Targeted to restaurants, hotels, retail and residences, the EnhanceLite® LED BR30 is a perfect fit for any location where a warm ambience is desired for a cozy, comfortable feel. The key is excellent dimmer compatibility and the ability of the lamp to become proportionally warmer in color temperature as the lumen output is lowered or dimmed.The EnhanceLite® LED BR30 has a high color rendering (CRI) of 93 coupled with 2700K warm white color temperature at full power of 8.5W. The BR30 lamp has an output of 680 lumens and an efficacy of 80 Lumens/Watt. It has an aesthetically pleasing industrial design and standard ANSI form factor. This lamp is the first in a line of planned BR solutions from LEDnovation that will include many other features.Israel J. Morejon, CEO and President of LEDnovation, commented, “Our new EnhanceLite® LED BR30 was born of our restaurant customers desires for warm dimming solutions. This allows our restaurateur customers to offer the same hospitable ambience while gaining the advantage in energy and environmental savings from employing LEDnovation technology.” Mr. Morejon continued, “This lamp represents the new pinnacle of high-quality dimming and promises to fulfill an LED need previously unattainable.”LED lighting continues to gain acceptance for a growing number of applications by providing superior performance, higher efficacy and longer lifetimes. High quality LED lamps, such as the EnhanceLite® LED BR30, are delivering improved lighting performance while reducing electricity consumption by over 87% when compared to the inefficient, heat-generating incandescent lamps that they replace. With more than 25 times the lifetime of an equivalent incandescent BR30 lamp, LEDnovation’s energy efficient EnhanceLite® LED BR30 reduces the frequency of replacement, a critical attribute for reducing maintenance costs. LEDnovation’s EnhanceLite® BR30 comes with a performance backed 5-year warranty, which assures customers will see the kind of product lifetime and performance they expect from an LED lamp.EnhanceLite® LED BR30 Lamp Details:- EnhanceLite® BR30 LED – 680 Lm, 8.5W @ 80lm/W- Color Rendering Index (CRI) greater than 93- Correlated Color Temperature (CCT) of 2700KNote: All specifications are typical values.All LEDnovation lamp models are tested for photometric performance in accredited third-party labs according to IES LM-79 requirements, and the company posts its reports online. These commercial-grade models are rated for a minimum 50,000-hour lifetime, carry a 5-year warranty and fully conform to ANSI standard form factors to assure compatibility with existing fixtures. The EnhanceLite® LED BR30 lamps start production late Oct 2012.About LEDnovation - Change without compromiseOffering a full spectrum of LED-based replacement lamps, LEDnovation is leading innovation in the field of solid state lighting. Solid state, or LED lighting generates light from complex semiconductor materials, eliminating much of the wasted energy that has been inherent to electric light-generation for over a century. By combining multi-disciplinary strengths in LEDs, electronic systems, power supplies, thermal and optics design, LEDnovation has succeeded in developing some of the highest efficacy LED replacement lamps available, offering a winning business case and rapid return on investment to commercial clients and property operators. The company is headquartered in Tampa, Florida and manufactures its products in North America.

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