Forge Europa launches a new range of standard LED light engines

Nov. 13, 2012
Date Announced: 13 Nov 2012 Introduced at the Lux Live 2012 exhibition in London earlier this month were Forge Europa’s standard LED light engines, a range of LED modules ideally suited for converting existing luminaires to deliver the benefits of energy efficient and ultra-reliable LED lighting.Manufactured using the latest LED technology and PCB materials the standard LED light engines are available in three form factors, a linear strip, a roundel and a square tile, offering a versatile range of options to convert light fixtures from fluorescent to LED technology. All the modules use mid-power LED components, carefully selected for their voltage characteristics, to deliver outstanding lumen per Watt performance and create a smooth illumination from the light source to reduce glare and enhance the visual appeal of the fitting.In terms of their overall construction the round and square LED modules use an FR4 substrate material to provide a cost effective yet equally efficient foundation onto which the LEDs are mounted. The linear PCB, with its narrower proportions, is manufactured using a metal substrate to compensate for the smaller board footprint onto which the LEDs are mounted. Once manufactured these LED and PCB combinations enable all the light engines to have an anticipated L70 lifetime of up to 60,000 hours.As standard, each light engine layout is supplied pre-mounted with two pairs of wire-to-board ‘poke-in’ connectors to enable a quick connection to a suitable constant current power supply. If required the LED modules can also be supplied with simple solder pads for the hand soldering of wires direct to the PCB. The provision of two pairs of connectors, in addition to the tight voltage binning of the LEDs, enables the light engines to be connected in either series or parallel strings with minimal variation in current between the on-board LED strings.For further details on the range of standard LED light engines, call our Sales team on +44 (0)1229 580000.

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