Beyond Limitations releases Komodo family of LED lighting products for commercial/Industrial applications

Nov. 8, 2012
Date Announced: 08 Nov 2012 Beyond Limitations TM Lights of Portland Oregon releases Komodo Family of Products. All Products are designed and Manufactured and assembled in Portland Oregon USA.Komodo TM Sr. and Komodo TM Jr. Pole lights for street and parking lot applications are latest member of the Komodo Family of products utilizing a uni-body Gastonia TM Light engines. Providing a flexible and adjustable lighting pattern that is unique to this family of products. The core engine for this family of products (Gastonia TM) is shared, independent and field replaceable unit that will allow multiple fixtures in various application with a common light engine for a quick field replaceable units. This upgradeable and repair path feature, will extend the effective life of a fixture design in any installation to take advantage of a quick upgrade path in an ever changing LED market.Other Members of the Komodo Product Family are: Up Light and Down light Gastonia TM wall packs, Dragon Fly TM Security lighting, Winged Komodo TM Parking garage and Low-bay lights.Other advantages of the Komodo TM product family: Independent Power tray heat management from the Light engines, Field Replaceable Power Trays with quick disconnect, CREE Xlamp family of LEDs (XML, XPG, XPE, XTE...), Certified to UL standards for US and Canadian installation, Extruded Light engines in Portland Oregon and anodized for a long lasting performance, DLC listed,5 years limited Warranty. Fully designed and Manufactured in Portland Oregon USA.

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