Robe in the fast lane with BMW and Mini at Paris motor show

Nov. 2, 2012
Date Announced: 02 Nov 2012 Over 200 Robe LEDWash 600 RGBW LED moving lights were again central to Peter Heilig’s lighting design concept for the BMW and Mini booths and press launches at the Mondial de l’Automobile 2012 à Paris (Paris Motor show). This was staged at the Paris Expo, Porte de Versailles and attended by over 1.2 million visitors over two weeks.The lighting fixtures were supplied by Rock Service from Salzgitter in Germany and specified by Heilig after his very successful use of Robe’s LEDWash and PureWhites for BMW at the Geneva Motor show earlier in the year.Thirty-two LEDWash 600s were positioned on the floor at the back of the BMW stand – designed by Mutabor Hamburg - for the press launch and unveiling of the new eco-friendly BMW Concept Active Tourer vehicle at the event. The car was initially concealed behind six large rotating scenic panels at the back of the booth, all clad with LED screens. Another 86 LEDWash 600s, also on the floor but this time on the front section of the enormous booth, were used to track the cars during the launch presentation of four other new vehicles and one electric scooter.Another area of the main stand was illuminated with additional truss mounted LEDWash 600s, which highlighted a specially choreographed dance performance to set the scene and precede the new car reveals. The BMW launch event was produced by agency Bluscope Berlin. Eight Robe MMX Spots rigged in the roof of the stand behind the rotating LED panels were used during the press launch to illustrate one of the Concept Active Tourer’s unique features, the ‘Cool Shade’. The car’s panoramic roof can change opacity at the push of a button giving light or dark as preferred.Heilig started using MMX Spots in his designs this year, and particularly likes the fixture’s dynamic dual graphics wheel.He likes the LEDWash 600s for their comprehensive and even wash coverage, high quality output, versatile variable zoom and powerful and fast strobe effects. Heilig was working directly for the BMW Group. The main differences between lighting the brand’s booths in Paris and in Geneva this year in the context of Robe elements, was that a much larger space needed covering in Paris. In Geneva, the LEDWashes and PureWhites were concentrated only in a special pavilion area.On the adjacent Mini stand in Paris, 20 truss mounted LEDWash 600s and another 80 on vertical truss towers were temporarily installed just for the press launch show, produced by Expolab from Munich. These trussing towers were clad with LED panels, and so Heilig needed a very bright lightsource to cut through the already high light levels in the area – for which the LEDWash 600 delivered admirably!BMW stand and launch lighting was programmed and operated by Jan Kirchhoff and Mini by Robert Gurk, both from Rock Service.Robe fixtures were also present on a number of other booths at the show.

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