Rentalite introduces the Premium Power LED 40-80-60 Watt series

Nov. 6, 2012
Date Announced: 06 Nov 2012 More light for higher applicationsNext to the standard 30W (29.8W) version, Rentalite’s Premium Power LED 150cm is now also available in a 40, 50, and a 60W version. These high Wattage PPLs are specially designed for heights up to 12 meters (39 ft), these the higher applications often require a higher light output to replace double and qua T5 and T8 fixtures.All of the Premium Power LED fixtures are dimmable through a basic dimming system that can be configured in different settings. The Premium Power LED is a modular robust aluminum fixture and be fitted with a 30, 40, 50, or 60W LED strip to obtain the desired illumination. The LED strips can easily be replaced with the slide in, slide out system. After lifetime of 80.000 hours has been reached, the LED will be slid out and replaced with a new LED strip that contains the latest technology for another 80.000 hours.Rentalite manufactures in the Netherlands And can provide all possible variations from a 30cm fixture up to a 30 km long LED Line.For more information please go to:


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