FZLED launches efficient 3-inch LED downlight

Nov. 13, 2012
Date Announced: 13 Nov 2012 Taipei, Taiwan – FZLED, a leading maker of LED lighting product, is pleased to announce a family of ultra-thin, long lasting, and easy to install 8W 3-inch LED downlights - FZL-DL03-00 series. The downlight are designed to be energy-saving replacement for 3-inch halogen recessed downlight, used in residential, commercial spaces, gallery, museum, showroom display and more. FZL-DL03-00 comes with advanced guide technology and low-power LEDs, giving smooth light and cost efficiency. The lights assure maximum life of 20,000 hours, low maintenance cost, high luminous efficacy and zero pollution. The lamps go to market with a wide range of application choices, including indoor, architectural, biological, mood and flood lighting. FZL-DL03-00 is a versatile downlight series, coming with three color choices - warm white, natural white and cool white. The warm white type, codenamed FZL-DL03-00-WW-08, delivers 300 lm in a 3000K color temperature with CRI higher than 80, while the cool white FLZ-DL03-00-CW-08 achieves 480 lm in a 6000K color temperature. The series offers dimmable and non-dimmable options. Its beam angle is 120 degrees and it can be plugged in power outlets ranging from 100 to 240 volt. Operating temperature ranges from minus 20 C to plus 40 C. It delivers electrical efficiency over 85%.The downlights satisfy users with high quality light, energy conservation and environmental friendliness. Emitting no heat, UV or IR rays, FZLED downlights are extraordinary in providing glare free, soft light and saving users over fifty-percent in electricity as compared to traditional recessed downlights.The stylish series is outfitted with composite structure involving steel, aluminum and PMMA plastic, making it durable. While being available in Taiwan, Singapore and Thailand now, the 8W FZL-DL03-00 series is aiming at going worldwide. ApplicationsIndoor LightingArchitectural LightingMood LightingFlood LightingBiological LightingFeaturesEnergy SavingNo heat, No UV, or IR light radiationLight source: Low power LEDsLong lifetime, better than 20,000 hours (L70)Ra > 75 for white lightPower consumption up to 8W for FZL-DL03-00High power driver efficiency > 85%Power Factor > 0.95CE, FCC approved (Driver)Specifications of the FZL-DL03-00 LED downlight seriesPower Consumption – 8W (±10%)Input Voltage – AC 100-240VCCT – 3000K (WW) or 4000K (NW) or 6000K (CW)Luminous Flux (lm) – 300 (±10%) with 3000K or 400 (±10%) with 4000K or 480 (±10%) with 6000KCRI – Greater than 80 (greater than 80 with 3000/4000K CCT model) Operation Temperature – -20℃ to 40℃Beam Angle – 120° Dimension – Ø102X 32 (mm)Net. Weight – 0.38 (Kgs) with driverDimming Functionality – Non-dimmable/TriAC dimmableAbout FZLEDFZLED is a Taiwan-based manufacturer and innovative designer of high-performance LED lighting products. As a sub-division of FZtech Inc., FZLED's products have superior mechanical and thermal designs, utilizing the expertise of FZtech. Committed to excellence, FZLED follows a strict TQC for the entire manufacturing process, and conducts R&D projects continuously in an effort to create LED lighting solutions that offer light-weight, high-quality, environmentally-friendly, innovative, and thermally-optimized products to consumers. For more information visit FZLED online at www.fzled.com.tw.

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