LED Waves releases LM-79 report, new spec sheet for LED high bay

Nov. 16, 2012
Date Announced: 16 Nov 2012 LED Waves is a NYC-based supplier of LED lights. With over a decade of experience, the small company has won the respect of local businesses as well as lighting industry professionals with its latest collection of products made in the USA. The latest product off their Brooklyn assembly line is the Andromeda LED High Bay: a low-energy replacement for the 400+ Watt metal halide and high pressure sodium lamps used in large commercial and industrial facilities. After over a year in development, the high bay engineers at LED Waves are proud to share the Andromeda's LM-79 report, verifying its optical performance. Released in conjunction with the LM-79 report is the new Andromeda spec sheet, available for download at LEDWaves.com.Custom features now available on the Andromeda allow users to control the brightness, color temperature, and shape of their light. Lighting specifiers may choose from arrays of 24, 32 or 40 XM-L chips; in 4000K (neutral white) or 5700K (daylight); and topped with optics that produce either a round distribution of light (suited for open spaces such as parking garages) or an oval-shaped distribution of light (ideal for illuminating tight spaces such as warehouse aisles). A free lighting demo may be scheduled by calling LED Waves at 1(800)986-0169.Measured using 40 LEDs with a CCT of 5700K, the Andromeda LED high bay produces over 18,250 lumens. With the lens removed, it is capable of 20,112 useful lumens! With such outstanding efficiency, plus an operating life of over 50,000 hours (backed by a 5 year warranty), the Andromeda is a true game changer - and not just in the LED lighting community. It is poised to revolutionize facilities management everywhere with its value-adding performance.The Andromeda LED High Bay Replacement Lamp is an exciting new addition to the company's rapidly growing line of exclusive products made in the USA. This line includes an LED recessed light fixture, 2-foot and 4-foot fluorescent replacement T8 tubes, low voltage AND line voltage LED MR16s, and E26/27 Edison-base PAR20, PAR30, and PAR38 LED light bulbs.

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