Sheenly Lighting solution installed in zero-emissions office building, China

Nov. 16, 2012
Date Announced: 16 Nov 2012 Qingdao zero emission office project is developed by Bayer EcoCommercial Building and its partners such as Sheenly Lighting, the LED lights and solution provider. The project is the office building of Bayer’s new polyurethane system house in Qingdao and is Bayer’s first zero-emission building in China.It features integrated applications, such as a passive building envelope, energy-efficient LED lighting technology, Thermally Activated Building Systems (TABS) combined with geothermal source heat pump, and renewable energy supplied by a photovoltaic system. Compared with conventional building standards, carbon dioxide emissions will be reduced by about 195 tons per year. The building will be 100 % carbon neutral with a lot of photovoltaic panels providing 73.68 MWh of solar-powered electricity every year. Surface heating and cooling systems will provide a pleasant room climate during all seasons. Fresh and preheated air is supplied by central air-conditioner.By using a real-time Energy Monitoring System, building performance will be recorded continuously. The aim of zero consumption can be shown from these data. The overall concept and integrated planning also mean that initial investments in this sustainable construction will be redeemed within a few years.Via optimizing energy demand and using renewable energies to achieve full recycling of natural resources and not void carbon emissions:Active energy-saving technology-Durable LED lighting (45% energy saved in illumination)-Geothermal source heat pump-Thermally-active building system (TABS)Passive energy-saving technology and eco-material from Bayer Material Science Building Design-Spray (SPR) waterproofing-Double low-E glazing window system-Solvent-free waterborne polyurethane flooring system-Solvent-free waterborne polyurethane wall coating (interior & exterior wall coating)

Jim Wang

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