Noribachi partners with Energy Star; qualifies Downlight.S for consumer rebates

Nov. 8, 2012
Date Announced: 08 Nov 2012 Noribachi, a premier U.S. based LED lighting and engineering firm, partners with Energy Star to qualify their popular DOWNLIGHT.S LED luminaire.The EPA’s Energy Star program qualifies energy-efficient products using stringent quality and efficiency testing standards; only those products that are verifiably excellent in performance may display an Energy Star label. Noribachi’s newly Energy Star qualified DOWNLIGHT.S reinforces the company’s range of market leading, rebate qualified LED lighting.Noribachi already commands an expansive presence on the Design Lights Consortium Qualified Product List, with over four hundred and fifty LED luminaires and LED light engines available for nation-wide commercial utility rebates. The addition of Energy Star qualification to Noribachi’s DOWNLIGHT.S allows customers interested in using the company’s single hexagonal lightboard to be eligible for even greater financial savings. The DOWNLIGHT.S and single hexagonal lightboard have seen enormous success in applications ranging from interior office lighting to outdoor walkway illumination. One of the company’s top-selling products, the single hexagonal lightboard is an incredibly versatile LED lighting solution.“Noribachi’s commitment to the highest quality energy efficient products is the hallmark of the company. Receiving the recognition from Energy Star is great because it not only affirms the performance of our lights, but will also help a significant amount of our customers save money while still upgrading to the best LED lighting on the market,” says Esther Santos, VP of Sales at Noribachi.

Jeremy Martin

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