ERG offers new series of economical, high-efficiency LED drivers for large industrial displays in 19"-27" range

Nov. 6, 2012
Date Announced: 06 Nov 2012 Endicott, NY – Display power supply specialist Endicott Research Group (ERG) has introduced its Large Display Solutions: low-cost, high-efficiency LED drivers and rails specifically designed for LCDs in the 19”-27” diagonal range. Used in test and measurement, control, outdoor signage, gaming, medical and other applications requiring a larger display with high reliability, these LED driver modules power multiple LED strings and offer economically priced power solutions.ERG’s Large Display Solutions series includes the SFDZ, SFDQ and SFDT driver modules. All are available as standard products with wide input voltage design, small form factors, wide range dimming, and full brightness and enable control. They are plug-and-play compatible with most OEM LCD panels and are designed, manufactured and supported in the USA, with a one-year warranty.The SFDZ Series driver provides high efficiency power (max. current 180 mA per string) to LED backlights used in LCDs up to 24” diagonal. It measures 1.35” x 5” (34.3 x 127 mm), is less than 12 mm high, and features open/short circuit protection, over voltage protection, under voltage lockout and an adaptive string voltage, with onboard & external PWM dimming (0-5 V). It provides total output power of 40 Watts (20 W per side), powers up to 8 LED strings (4 per side) and is ideal for displays with dual light bars.The SFDQ Series driver provides power (max. current 140 mA per string) to LED backlights used in LCDs up to 27” diagonal, with a maximum string voltage of 70 Volts (the highest in the ERG LED Driver family), with external PWM dimming to 500:1 and onboard PWM dimming to 255:1. It measures 1.5” x 5” (34.3 x 127 mm), and is less than 14 mm high. It features open/short circuit protection, over voltage protection, and an adaptive string voltage. It provides total output power of 30 Watts and powers up to 4 LED strings.The SFDT Series driver is capable of driving up to 12 discrete LED strings (6 per side) with a typical input voltage of 12 Volts. It provides an onboard & external PWM dimming ratio of 255:1 and is compatible with several OEM LED backlit panels up to 27" diagonal.Pricing for the ERG’s Large Display Solutions LED drivers starts at $30.00 in production quantities. For additional details on pricing, contact ERG. Delivery is typically 4-6 weeks A.R.O.

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