Grasp Lighting Group teams up with ATG and Toshiba in Fort Lauderdale, FL

Nov. 13, 2012
Date Announced: 13 Nov 2012 It took the special talents of ATG Electronics and the perfect LED PAR20 from Toshiba to accomplish the latest installation. Within 8 days from the ok by the Director of Engineering at a Fort Lauderdale elegant oceanside hotel LED product was installed with no hitches on one complete floor. ATG Electronics provided the 4' LED tubes with customized drivers and Toshiba hustled up with the 8 degree PAR20s @ 2700K. Grasp Lighting Group out of Dania Beach, FL oversaw the project in conjunction with Singer Enterprises, their electrical contractor.The purpose of the one floor conversion was to allow the management of the hotel the opportunity to see a complete floor finished with their requested ambiance requirements, not too bright but a soft warm glow and a spot light application not a flood of light in the hallways. The hotel owner was present during the conversion and asked the right questions about the two products. Technical issues were handled by the CEO/Founder of GRASP, Peter V. Baker. Fixtures were inspected, lubricated, repaired and the new LED lighting systems were installed.Once the go ahead is given for the balance of the floors GRASP will announce the key players and the location of this retrofit. Management of the hotel including the DOE, the owner and related staff were very pleased with the relusts and the quality of work.Grasp CEO Baker participated in the installation as "GRASP" likes to inspect what they expect during the installation. The lighting applications of these 2 LED products is perfect for this environment.

Peter V. Baker

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