Shadow Health Minister backs infection-control LED lighting technology

Jan. 27, 2012
Date Announced: 27 Jan 2012 UK shadow health minister Andy Burnham showed his support for new lighting technology developed in Atherton that helps NHS Trusts prevent deadly superbugs.The Labour MP for Leigh met with employees at LED lighting manufacturers MHA Lighting to learn more about how their award-winning lighting is helping in the fight against hospital-acquired infections.MHA Lighting’s patented LED technology has been designed as a fully sealed unit to stop dust, bacteria and dead insects from gathering around warm light fittings and spreading superbugs.The LED’s 60,000 hour life span (seven years) also eradicates the needs for routine maintenance and bulb replacement which again stops harmful bacteria from being distributed into wards and theatres.The LED lights burn just 20% of the energy of the traditional fluorescents they replace – slashing CO2 emissions and energy bills by 80%.Mr Burnham said: “Energy efficient lighting helps save the NHS money and reduces a Trust’s carbon footprint. Most importantly the money saved can be directly ploughed back into frontline patient services.“Trusts are always seeking ways to free up money for clinical care and the battle against superbugs is continuous. MHA Lighting seems to be in possession of a product that can help the NHS on both these fronts.“I am extremely proud that MHA Lighting has designed, developed and manufactured this unique LED technology in Atherton and its healthcare application poses a massive opportunity for the company.”Mr Burnham also heard that the Atherton-based company had achieved 500% growth in 2011 and had recruited 36 employees from the local area in the last two years.MHA Lighting has also appointed its first apprentice, with a further three to be recruited over the next three months.MHA Lighting MD Tom Harrison, said: “We are delighted to know we have Mr Burnham’s support for our LED technology and plans for our business growth.“MHA Lighting is already an incredible local success story but it has been far from easy. “The company needs support and a strong portfolio of passionate advocates like Mr Burnham to help us take it to the next level.”For more information about MHA Lighting and its patented award-winning technology please visit

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