Colour Sound Experiment makes it brighter in Brighton

Jan. 28, 2012
Date Announced: 28 Jan 2012 London, UK-based lighting rental company Colour Sound Experiment (CSE) has designed and is supplying contract rental lighting systems to four popular clubs in popular seaside destination Brighton for Inn Brighton Ltd. The operations are all being project managed by Colour Sound's Fletch, who ensures that each venue receives the quick, efficient, fuss-free service for which Colour Sound is renowned.He comments,"The key is to assess each space and design and deliver something appropriate and specific for the size and the entertainment being staged, and also offer a cost-effective solution to the client". All the systems have been programmed and set up for straightforward operation by the venue's lighting crew or DJs.Life is a 700 capacity nightclub right on the seafront with three arched spaces towards the back forming the main dance floor, which are lit dynamically with a rig including Robe Scan 575 XTs as the central moving light system.These are joined by 48 x LEDJ Spectra LED battens controlled via a Hippo Critter media server - a flexible, low cost, good quality option to product some jazzy and eye-catching effects.There are also a quantity of Pulsar ChromaScapes (an LED pin spot) and a gloriously disco-tastic 48 inch mirror ball over the bar at the front, which when lit, shoots shafts of light out onto the seafront!An Avolites Pearl - a favourite for installs of this type and size - is used for control.Coalition is a 500 capacity nightclub and live music venue, into which CSE has installed eight Robe Scan 575s - a reliable, versatile product for club environments - plus six Atomic strobes, 24 PARs and three 600 milliwatt green lasers, all run by another Avolites Pearl.It was important to ensure that the lighting elements could double up to be used over the dance floor for club nights as well providing good stage coverage for live performers. They are rigged onto a series of scaffolding bars in the ceiling.The Tube is a cozy disco space in a prime seafront location.Lighting needed to be flexible and tough enough to deal with being in constant use. Fletch decided on six Robe Scanners, three 16 inch mirror balls for a bit of dancehall retro, complete with six pinspots, all controlled via a Pulsar Masterpiece.The control system also includes a Pulsar Outstation for the DJ to operate manually if desired, otherwise the lighting is designed to run without an operator using a set of pre-programmed sequences.The final club in the current Brighton project is Sticky Mike's Frog Bar which is in the South Lanes, a winding network of small, interesting streets leading down to the seafront. The venue has about 200 capacity, so again, lighting needed to be just right for a relatively intimate space which hosts bands and comedians as well as having a dancefloor.Currently there are 10 LED Zoom PARs and six classic disco effects run off a Pulsar Masterpiece. Small is beautiful!The lighting for all these venues has been installed by Colour Sound over the last 18 months. "We make a considerable effort to ensure that each club has a totally different lighting ambience and a proper design. We are also constantly reviewing the situation, seeing how the operation is running and ensuring that the kit stays relevant," says Fletch.He adds that one of the most important elements of long term installations is the build quality and reliability of the equipment, and this was an important factor in their choice of brands.

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