LED lighting manufacturer High Tech Lights relocates to Las Vegas from Honolulu

Jan. 19, 2012
Date Announced: 19 Jan 2012 LAS VEGAS, NV – High Tech Lights has relocated its Corporate/International Headquarters to Las Vegas, Nevada from Honolulu, Hawaii. High Tech Lights designs, develops and manufactures innovative LED (light-emitting diode) Solid State lighting (SSL) solutions, and is currently in the process of hiring a full staff. High Tech Lights is relocating R & D, manufacturing, assembly, and operations to Las Vegas from its current facilities in Hawaii and China. High Tech Lights produces LED lighting solutions for all commercial, industrial, and residential applications.First formed in Honolulu in 2007, High Tech Lights primarily focused on the Japanese market, due to their extremely high cost of electricity and receptivity to new technology. While living and traveling in China and Japan, High Tech Lights founder and CEO Tony Jones, recognized the opportunity to create an LED product line that would reduce lighting energy consumption from 50% to 90%.After the earthquake and tsunami that negatively impacted Japan’s markets last March, business significantly declined. That event accelerated High Tech Lights planned expansion into the North American market. Mr. Jones chose the Las Vegas location for future headquarters due to its “green” business-friendly environment, proximity to California and Southwest markets, and because it is an established gateway to existing markets in the Pacific Rim. Within twelve to eighteen months, High Tech Lights will employ over 100 people. High Tech Lights is currently seeking a facility large enough to house its manufacturing and assembly operations. Current manufacturing costs in China have risen 30% in the last year, a trend that is anticipated to continue as China becomes more modernized. High Tech Lights already employs the most rigorous quality control checks in the LED lighting industry, but looks forward to having even more control over the manufacturing process when operations are completely relocated to its new facility in Las Vegas, Nevada.The LED industry and innovations in lighting technology continue to grow and evolve. LED lights have the capability of saving 50 to 90% over traditional lighting solutions. Add to that the fact that they “run cool” – meaning that they do not produce further energy demands upon a building by increasing the amount of air conditioning that must run to combat the heat generated by traditional lights. Fluorescent and incandescent bulbs both generate large amounts of heat, and so add to their energy consumption by increasing the use of cooling mechanisms.High Tech Lights manufactures a full range of indoor and outdoor LED products designed to replace fluorescent and incandescent lighting for residential, commercial, or industrial use.###

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