Optiled illuminates the arts in Singapore

Jan. 12, 2012
Date Announced: 12 Jan 2012 SINGAPORE -– Singapore-based LED lighting company OPTILED was recently invited to participate in ‘A Little Light Magic’, a city event organised by the Singapore National Heritage Board. This was the latest in a string of local initiatives to raise awareness of Singapore’s past, enabling both citizens and tourists to see historically prominent landmarks in a completely new light.It invited artists and designers to use the medium of architectural lighting to dream and imagine narratives on the canvases of Singapore's six oldest buildings and landmark public institutions along the Bras Basah–Bugis district, curated by local cross-disciplinary studio FARM, and design and architecture firm ONG&ONG.The installation titled ‘Warmth’, which OPTILED was involved in, was put together at SAM at 8Q by multimedia artists 10AM and Eli Marc. The creative team has a wide range of experiences, from working with CapitaLand to receiving recognition at the prestigious Cannes Awards.In a statement, the artists said that ‘the purpose of a museum, like any building, is only fulfilled when people use or interact with it or within it’.With ‘Warmth’, 10AM and Eli Marc beckon passers-by to step inside the museum after it closes. As people move closer to the building, its facade lights up, accompanied by sounds that create an aura of heightened sensations. OPTILED sponsored the use of its signature LED strip light CabLED, using DMX controls to manipulate the timings of the lighting in sync with musical accompaniment.‘The use of lighting on our buildings and landscape plays a huge part in sculpting a bewitching atmosphere. Good lighting installations, when employed cleverly, can reveal and highlight features or nuances of buildings not seen in broad daylight’, reads a statement from the organisers on the event website.‘As daylight slowly disappears and night-time comes, these buildings can become places of respite, a reverie of dreams, inviting city dwellers to slow down, ponder and wonder. These structures are not just architectural monuments but are vessels of rich histories, untold stories and forgotten memories, inextricably linked to their contextual surroundings’, it continues.When interviewed by local media Channel NewsAsia, Lim Woan Wen, one of the designers involved, said it was an attempt to imagine a narrative that explores relationships between the monumental buildings and their spatial, architectural, historical and spiritual domains. ‘I'll be very happy if (people) come and walk away feeling like this has helped them to appreciate the church in a different light. But I'll be most happy if they can pause and linger here and be able to sense that there are untold stories in this space’, he added.Members of the public are able to view OPTILED’s dazzling light installation at SAM at 8Q, along with the five other buildings. The artworks will be lit up every weekend from 7:00 p.m. to 10:30 p.m., until the event concludes on Sunday, 29 January 2012.About OPTILED:Founded in Hong Kong, OPTILED Lighting International Limited is an established leading LED lighting company. With an extensive distribution network across the globe, it develops innovative products and provides skilled and knowledgeable sales expertise to its clients. As an energy appliance producer, OPTILED Lighting is constantly researching and developing more environmentally friendly lighting. For more information, please visit our website.

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