Ledgogh lights World University games stadium using Macroblock DC/DC converter

Jan. 3, 2012
Date Announced: 03 Jan 2012 Taiwan, Hsinchu –The 26th World University Games, also known as Summer Universiade, came to a wonderful end in the summer of 2011. There are around 20 venues in this 26th Universiade. Composed of three Main Stadiums, the Center Stadium of Universiade was the most impressive building designed in the theme of “Crystal”. It is LEDGOGHTM, a world-class LED lightscape creator that provided the LED lights and intelligent control systems with DC/DC converter - MBI6651 to present the light of Crystal.LEDGOGHTM is the winner of “Innovative Application Award” in the 2nd National Semi-conductor Lighting Product and Applied Innovation Competition (2008) as well as IALD International Lighting Design Award of Merit with its lighting design of Water Cube (Aquatics Center of 2008 Olympics). This time, LEDGOGHTM has created the “Crystal” lighting project by its world-leading high penetration RGBW LED chips and equipped them in the main/second steel structure with 20 kinds of lighting controls. Thanks to its lighting art design, the Center Stadium of Universiade glittered with changing facades, standing as three bright lotuses and shining in magnificence and implicitness. Dr. Daniel Wen, Chief Architect of LEDGOGHTM, explained, "To perform exactly the theme of Crystal Light, the chosen solution must be efficient, reliable and accurate. In particular, this solution must provide the required uniform illumination and effective control of the variation of output current. Therefore, we finally choose MBI6651 to effectively perform it. " MBI6651 is a step-down DC/DC converter which can drive 1A output current with efficiency up to 96%. MBI6651 reduces the power consumption on IC within rated voltage. Additionally, the internal start-up circuit eliminates the inrush current and limits peak current within 1.15 times of preset output current. Macroblock provides a series of DC/DC converters which feature high efficiency, uniform brightness with excellent output current accuracy, simplified design and upgrade protection. Part of this series also offers flexible and excellent dimming method and supports high power lighting. Designed with these advanced features, Macroblock DC/DC converters have become the best solutions for customers in LED signage, decorative lighting, stage lighting and street lighting.Founded in 1999 in Taiwan, Macroblock Inc. positions itself as a mixed-signal design house with special focus on the power management and opto-electronic applications. For more information and samples, please visit the company’s website at www.mblock.com.tw or contact us via [email protected]. For more information of LEDGOGHTM, please visit www.ledgogh.com

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