Anomax invents a super energy-efficient 100-watt LED light bulb that uses only 12 watts of power

Jan. 11, 2012
Date Announced: 11 Jan 2012 Penang, Malaysia – Anomax invents a revolutionary 100-watt LED bulb that uses only 12W of energy. Compared to today’s most energy efficient 100-watt bulb (CFL Compact Florescent Light at 23 watts) Anomax’s bulb is 48% more efficient! Anomax’s super energy efficient lights pair their patent pending IPCHSTM* substrate technology (a low cost metal-core board with circuits directly plated on alumina) with off-the-shelf LED diodes. Anomax names this break-through technology LMRTM for Light Made Right.H.A. Chan, Director of Anomax, states, “Today’s LED bulbs’ bottleneck is their extremely low heat transfer (3W/mK) board that overheats the LED diodes and greatly lowers the light output. That’s why brighter than 60-watt LED bulbs exist only in R&D labs and are very expensive to produce. The very high thermal transfer (30 W/mK) of IPCHSTM enables efficient power-to-light conversion, improving energy use by almost 50%.”An independent R&D lab report reads, “LMRTM 100-watt bulb’s total power consumption is only 11.9W with a total light output of an incandescent 100-watt bulb. IPCHSTM has good thermal performance and is very good”. The LMRTM bulb performance is also verified and confirmed by an external ANSI/TUV/UL accredited lab.In comparison, 90W of a 100-watt incandescent bulb is wasted producing heat. A 100-watt CFL uses 23W but contains harmful mercury in fragile glass-tubes that breaks and inevitably introduces mercury into our food chain. A 100-watt LMRTM bulb uses only 12W, HALF that of a CFL and as an LED based light, LMRTM is totally Green. At other light-output levels, LMRTM bulbs consistently use only half the energy of CFLs.Energy savings pay for the LMRTM bulbs in about 2 years. More importantly, each 1% reduction in the world’s electrical usage is the equivalent of the energy output of 23 nuclear plants. With LMRTM, everyone can conveniently contribute in a big way toward a greener world.Anomax has completed production runs of LMRTM 100-watt 12W bulbs and seeks a partner to produce these lights in high volume for the consumer market.

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