LEDiL introduces lenses qualified for use with Avago Jade series LEDs

Jan. 9, 2012
Date Announced: 09 Jan 2012 LEDiL announces the addition of five new total internal reflection (TIR) lenses, specifically optimized for performance with Avago’s JADE series LED. This 3W Mini Power LED Light Source, a low-profile package with 140 degrees viewing angle, can be more readily utilized in intended applications such as signage, display and task lighting, pathway lighting, portable products, accent lighting and more given the wide range of beam patterns offered by LEDiL.LEDiL optimized its popular TINA2 Series for Avago JADE, a 16.1mm diameter TIR lens in an integral white holder, with a total height of just 9.5mm. Beam angles start at the 15⁰ FWHM “real spot” version, a 51⁰ wide beam, as well as a 36⁰x18⁰ oval pattern and a 17⁰ diffused beam and 30⁰ medium beam. The preassembled lens and holder combination is provided with a pre-installed polyurethane foam adhesive for fast and secure mounting to the PCB.The high-impact lens is precision-molded from high-grade, optical quality PMMA, specially formulated for resistance to UV. The white polycarbonate lens holder not only precisely locates the TIR lens over the optical center of the LED; it also enhances the optical performance of the lens system through its reflective properties. The lenses are ideal for space-constrained applications where more than one Avago LED is specified to meet the lighting requirements of the application. Optimized for white LEDs, LEDiL’s TINA2 Series can also be used with single-color Avago JADE Series LEDs.Lighting designers are rapidly developing LED-based solutions that take advantage of the up-to 80% reduction in power afforded by solid-state technology and the long-life span of LEDs. LEDiL’s TINA2 Series allows today’s efficient and cost-effective high-power LEDs to be used in a wide-range of applications, replacing traditional incandescent, neon, and halogen light sources. The high efficiency of these lenses helps designers achieve Energy Star compliance through the use of fewer LEDs and fewer electronic components.TINA2 Series lenses are available for delivery from multiple authorized partners in LEDiL’s worldwide distribution network and samples are provided to qualified accounts that intend to utilize the product in an OEM application. Distributor inventory can be viewed at www.ledil.com.ABOUT LEDiL OyThe only true specialist in the field of secondary optics for high-power and lighting-class LEDs, LEDiL has been producing precision-engineered optics and reflectors since 2002 and now boasts nearly 1000 standard products optimized for use with LEDs produced by the world’s prominent LED manufacturers. Custom solutions are also commonly developed with minimal end-user tooling investment required. With production in Finland and China and a global network of authorized distributors, LEDiL’s products are market-competitive and readily available.

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