Seoul Semiconductor registers 10,000 LED patents domestically and internationally

Jan. 20, 2012
Date Announced: 20 Jan 2012 Seoul, South Korea - Seoul Semiconductor Co., Ltd, a global LED manufacturer, announced today that the company has applied, registered and secured more than 10,000 patents for LED. Seoul Semiconductor Co., Ltd. is a leader in developing intellectual property in the global LED manufacturing industry.Seoul Semiconductor has invested in strengthening its LED technology and increasing its number of patents. The company invests 10-20 percent of its annual revenue in Research and Development, including funding of an affiliate company. The company holds a patent portfolio across a broad range of technologies and processes, including material, design, manufacturing and methodology. Notably, the company holds patent rights for Acrich, the semiconductor light source using a multi-cell architecture, as well as patent rights for deep UV LED technology. Seoul Semiconductor anticipates that deep UV LED technology will be commonly used in the future and it will be prepared to produce and sell this technology."With the large number of patents and cross-licenses with major LED corporations, Seoul Semiconductor has achieved technical independence and offers customers distinctive solutions not available elsewhere," said Brian Wilcox, vice president of Seoul Semiconductor. "R&D is our future and patents heighten our competitiveness. Starting this year, we expect increased business activity from our innovative LED lighting solution, Acrich2, as it goes into production."About Seoul SemiconductorAccording to the 2010 LED market reports issued by Strategies Unlimited in the U.S., SEOUL SEMICONDUCTOR is the world's fourth largest LED supplier, holding more than 10,000 patents. In particular, it owns a wide range of LED technology and production capacity in areas such as deep UV LEDs and non-polar LEDs, as well as Acrich, the world's first commercially-produced AC LED. At present, it provides high-quality LED products through 40 overseas branches (including three local corporations) and 150 domestic agencies and distributors. As the world's leading LED maker, Seoul Semiconductor has engaged in various talent nurturing and development activities such as CR activities to attract talented manpower, scholarship program, industry-academia cooperation and educational program.

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