OFH Lighting first to market with Cree XB- D customized optic design

Jan. 12, 2012
Date Announced: 12 Jan 2012 Arlington, Mass. – Optics for Hire, an engineering and product development company located in a suburb of Boston, announced today it has developed a lens design based on the new CREE XB-D LED.OFH Lighting’s 20 mm TIR optic has a 8.3 degree beam angle and 16 degree field angle with uniform color and intensity. Additional beam pattern designs will be available in the coming weeks. The XB-D LED provides double the lumens-per-dollar as the previous generation of CREE LEDs.“For the best performance, an LED optic should be optimized for the chip to be used. Secondary optics based on CREE’s older ‘XP family’ will not be able to match the performance of a custom design based on the unique XB ray set,” said Optics for Hire President John Ellis.“We know sophisticated LED developers already have relationships with plastic molding houses and require multiple sourcing, “ added Ellis. “We are selling design files which provide clients with maximum flexibility to use their own qualified LED optic molder or bid out production.” Technical details and sales information is available at www.opticsforhire.com. About OFHOptics for Hire, the optical product development company, is a privately held firm with offices near Boston, Ukraine, and Belarus. Founded in 2002, OFH provides product development and prototyping services for clients with difficult, optics-centric requirements. OFH Lighting specializes in lens design for LED illumination, and has delivered over 100 designs for dozens of applications including street lighting, flash lights, medical light, light pipes, and interior lighting. For more information, see http://www.opticsforhire.com .

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