SemiLEDs completes LM80 with Integrated Service Technology

Aug. 29, 2012
Date Announced: 29 Aug 2012 SemiLEDs (Nasdaq: LEDS), with cooperation of Integrated System Technology(IST), is proud to announce that its S35 product line has successfully completed the requirements of the stringent 6000 hour lumen maintenance test (LM-80) and the results showed an extrapolated lifetime of up to 50,000 hours. SemiLEDs’ S35 series is the first product to pass the LM-80 after IST’s received the accreditation from the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The results of other products will be down the pipeline, including the newly launched C35 family. In the Asian market, SemiLEDs is one of the few packaging companies that passed the test on a certified third party basis. “LED components are sensitive to heat and most failures in lighting fixtures involves thermal mistreatment. Therefore, verifying the degradation at various temperatures is very critical.”Kevin Tsui, VP of Reliability Engineering Department of IST.Kevin Tsui further explained that LM-80 is required by US Energy Star and involves the collection of data based on 3 different case temperatures for over at least 6000 hours. The lumen maintenance requirement is also defined. This test will provide standardized quality assurance and quality certification for lighting fixture manufacturers and LED manufacturers respectively. SemiLEDs CEO, Mr. Trung Doan stated that S35 and P2, warm and cool white (5700K and 3000K respectively) were our first series to go through the 6000 hour tests at both 350 and 700mA. The test result from IST showed that the lumen maintenance is 98.75% and 97.81% for 55℃ and 85℃, respectively, for 3000K emitter at 700mA driving current, far above the requirements of LM-80 for domestic indoor application at 91.8% and domestic outdoor and commercial usage at 94.1%. SemiLEDs further explained that providing high quality components to lighting fixture manufacturers is important to enabling quicker penetration of LED into the lighting market. The S35 is SemiLEDs first series of emitters with a 35x35mm footprint utilizing a silicon housing material. SemiLEDs had launched the C35 – the second generation of its 35 x 35mm emitters in June 2012. The C35 incorporates SemiLEDs EV LED chip and a ceramic base. The thermal resistance complements to SemiLEDs vertical chip on metal alloy substrate technology. Besides thermal management, SemiLEDs also implemented the latest innovation in phosphor technology, Color PrecisionTM binning, to it C35 product family allowing customers to be in control of their CCT distribution. With the new technology, consistent color can be produced within a single 7-step, 4step or 2-step MacAdam Ellipse centered in ANSI defined standard color spaces. “Working with IST for the LM-80 tests was a good choice. Being a certified test lab, IST showed its professionalism and provided all the necessary assistance for us to verify our performance. We look forward to further cooperation for new products in the pipeline,” commented Doan. IST’s COO Jandel Lin mentioned, the company’s LM-80 lab started at the end of 2011 and had already been commissioned by over 20 manufacturers to conduct the test. Lin stated that SemiLEDs’ S35 is the first case to successfully pass the test at the IST lab and the results should significantly increase SemiLEDs’ marketing competitiveness in terms of quality.Doan explained that SemiLEDs always thrives to deliver the highest quality and most innovative products to its customers and to pass LM-80 with the help of IST further backs up our strong commitment to our customers on quality. The completion of the test will position both SemiLEDs chips and packages among the top packaging suppliers in the market.IST’s CFO and Spokesperson Selina Lin stated that in the beginning of this month, IST had sign a MOU with Intertek HK as the report body. IST will continue to strength its LED certification platform to become the leading certifying firm globally.About SemiLEDs SemiLEDs develops and manufactures LED chips and LED components for general lighting, including street lights and commercial, industrial and residential lighting, along with specialty industrial applications such as UV curing, medical/cosmetic, counterfeit detection, and horticulture. SemiLEDs sells blue, green and ultraviolet (UV) LED chips. For more information, please visit our website at www.semileds.comAbout Integrated Service Technology (IST) Founded in 1994, Integrated Service Technology (IST) is a leading IC product engineering service’s company, specializing in the development of failure analysis, debugging, and micro-surgery technology. Over the past decade, IST has expanded its services to include component reliability, system reliability and green product analysis, providing customers with a total solution to meet the fast-changing needs of the industry. As an independent lab using proven methodologies and state-of-the-art equipments, IST is committed to providing the highest quality services.IST has established an outstanding reputation in chip engineering service industry. For a detailed description of the services, please refer to

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