ATG Electronics releases Lighting Design Lab-listed LED tube, and Energy Star-listed LED PAR lamps

Aug. 20, 2012
Date Announced: 20 Aug 2012 Lake Elsinore, Calif. - ATG Electronics Corp. today announced approval of Lighting Design Lab (LDL) on their iBright™ G5 EPS HO LED Tube and Energy Star on their eLucent™ R30T and R38T LED PAR lamps. The iBright™ G5 EPS HO boasts over 1800lm at only 18.3W consumption, while still maintaining CRI of 85. With LDL approval, numerous energy companies nationwide will supply customers with generous rebates (typical $0.20 per KWh saved for one year) on the installation of this product. ATG Electronics also brings to you two new Energy Star products, including eLucent™ R30T and R38T models.R30T consumes only 15W and emits luminous intensity equivalent to a 75W halogen lamp; R38T consumes 20W and emits luminous intensity equivalent to a 100W halogen lamp. The lamps save 80% energy consumption and last up to 25 times longer. The dimmable function enables saving energy to be so easy, which makes the lamp warmly-welcomed by home, retail, commercial, and hospitality applications. They are compatible with most wall dimmers. With Energy Star approval, the end users can get typical $17.50 rebate on R30T and $20 rebate on R38T.“As pioneers of the LED industry we know that these certifications on our products will assist our end users in getting rebates, and will also prove that we provide quality lasting products” said Nick Ni, CEO of ATG Electronics.For more information about ATG Electronics and the company’s LDL and Energy Star LED products, please visit ATG ElectronicsIn 2001, a group of visionary engineers started ATG Electronics in California. Today, we are the most recognized brand in the world for retrofitting conventional lights with LEDs, delivering great value to our customers, helping save energy, and protecting the environment.ATG Electronics holds multiple patents in the United States and China. Our products are certified Energy Star, DesignLights Consortium, Lighting Design Lab, UL, cUL, ETL, NOM, KEMA, CE, RoHS, GS and PSE. We operate two ISO9001 certified manufacturing factories in China, and one assembly facility in California.ATG offers IES files, LM79, LM80 and ISTMT reports, and third party performance reports. We also offer up to a five-year extended warranty to our customers.ATG’s LED products have been undergoing many years of lumen maintenance testing, and maintain a light depreciation rate of less than 6%. The first generation iBright™ LED tube has been thriving for many years. To date, our iBright™ LED lamps have renewed landmarks including government office buildings, five star hotels, hospitals, university and high school classrooms, and many more.

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