Kingsun lab has been approved by the international authoritative institution LCIE

Aug. 14, 2012
Date Announced: 14 Aug 2012 The other news of victory in recent days: After getting Nemko, SGS, TUV-SUD, TUV-NORD, Kingsun lab has got TMP certification in recent days. It is approved by LCIE, which is the subsidiary of Bureau Veritas (short for BV). BV is one of the authorities who are recognized by most governments of different countries and international organizations.The equipment, testing standard and engineers' abilities of Kingsun lab have been verified by the expert of BV, and then got the TMP certificate after LCIE's approval. Getting TMP certificate means Kingsun has no need to send samples to BV when having other products tested. All we need to do is to test the sample with the supervision of the BV engineers on scene, then send the test report to BV, and it will be part of the BV report. Thus, more time and money will be saved, and it also promotes the technical exchange between two sides. People in charge of Kingsun said:"it means our English testing reports of IEC standard are recognized by the international authority."Kingsun has been dedicated to R&D and innovation of LED application since its establishment. The laboratory is under international advanced level and approved by the CNAS. It is the one of the best laboratory in LED industry, as it may take a hundred testing items with safety, environment, performance, optics and EMC. In addition, the laboratory of Kingsun has been approved by NEMKO, SGS, TUV-SUD, TUV-NORD, etc. it is insured the independence, reliability and authority of the testing reports issued by Kingsun's laboratory and marked the superiority of our products quality testing.This TMP certificate issued by LCIE means a lot to Kingsun, it's an important milestone on Kingsun's way to build the first class quality control system. It may insure the products quality, enhance the competitiveness in market and promote the international popularity, etc. it has a great significance of our development. Kingsun will keep moving with scientific, rigorous and efficient standard of behavior, so as to get itself to another higher level.

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