JLC-Tech to present at the Boston Lights Exhibit September 6, 2012, #75.

Aug. 31, 2012
Date Announced: 31 Aug 2012 JLC-Tech will be proudly exhibiting in its home-town city of Boston on September 6th, 2012 at the Boston Lights Exposition presented by DLF-NE. This lighting tradeshow features the latest in architectural lighting products and offers AIA accredited seminars. Entrance to the exhibition is free, so register now and make sure you don't miss the T-BAR LED SmartlightTM by JLC-Tech at table #75. The T-BAR LED Smartlight™ is a revolutionary solid state lighting fixture designed in the shape of a standard cross Tee for suspended ceilings. Our product fits a smaller linear area while giving the maximum output of light in a most streamlined and efficient design. Special optical lenses diffuse the LED light, optimizing lumen output while our patented heat dissipation system designed within the fixture successfully manages the LED Junction temperature guaranteeing the long life of the LED. The T-BAR LED SmartlightTM is offered with a Diffusing lens, Asymmetrical lens, Cut-Off Reflector or Acrylic Signage. The T-BAR LED Smartlight™ may be installed in 15/16” or 9/16” suspended grid ceilings, easily replacing desired pieces of the grid. The lighting fixtures can be clipped onto the grid in the place of selected 2’ or 4’ cross Tees of the suspended ceiling. The T-BAR LED Smartlight™ enables the architect or lighting designer to position the ambient light where it’s most needed, creating a softer and more diffused light. Moreover our innovative product allows for a zero plenum space as well as a clean architectural ceilings giving architects and lighting designers the freedom to be more creative.The T-BAR LED Smartlight™ is manufactured in Pembroke, MA, USA. Following the premier exhibition for the T-BAR LED SmarlightTM at LFI, 2012, JLC-Tech joined with Boston Light Source as their local sales representative. Be sure to see the T-BAR LED SmartlightTM in person at the Boston Lights Exhibition located at the Boston Marriott Copley Place Hotel, 110 Huntington Avenue,Boston, MA 02116. Exhibition open from 11am to 8pm on September 6, 2012. Register now and see you at the JLC-Tech #75.We also invite you to join us on Twitter @TBARLED- Like us on Facebook And join our newsletter by writing to [email protected]

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