Environmental LED Solutions, LLC announces the launch of its new LED lighting product line for growth and horticultural markets

Aug. 22, 2012
Date Announced: 22 Aug 2012 Environmental LED Solutions, LLC is a provider of Eco-friendly LED lighting products and solutions. Environmental LED Solutions, LLC introduces its Growth and Horticulture LED product line. The product line includes LED Lighting systems from range 50 watt single module systems to 900 watt twenty LED module systems.The growth market products include high power growth product with 300 piece LED systems at 3 watts each, providing over 16,000 lumens with a viewing angle of 120 degrees. The products are manufactured to fit multiple applications offering round, square, and rectangular light weight systems, with has narrow as a 5 inch depth. Our growth products are standard with a 460-470 nanometer blue/red, where chlorophyll and renieratene absorptions is most effective.However custom requirements can be done, such as 850nm(IR) for a low absorption rate, stimulate the cell extend, and influence flowering and the seed germination.Environmental LED Solutions, LLC is a provider of Eco-friendly LED lighting products. Offering excellent service and support as a single source for LED lighting solution for Residential, Professional, and Commercial Markets. Our products full range from LED Bulbs, LED Spotlights, LED Tubes, LED Ropes and Stripes, LED High Bay Products, LED Ceiling Light Products, LED Street Light Products, LED Flood Light Products, LED “Chip-On-Board” Products, LED Panels, and LED Solutions "Made to Order". Our products meet the following Quality approvals: UL, FCC, RoHS, CE, ISO 9001: 2008, and ISO 14001: 2008. We also offer competitive replacement/ retrofit pricing and stocking programs to ensure your required products are on our shelves.

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