Zhongtian Lighting announces 60W LED flood light delivering 6000 lm

Aug. 4, 2012
Date Announced: 04 Aug 2012 In order to meet the growing demands of LED flood lights with high quality and affordable price by customers, Zhongtian Lighting today announced its new product 60W LED flood light. This model is used for illuminating wide areas such as streets, warehouses, parking lots, advertising boards, yards, lawns and gymnasiums and so on. It possesses many advantages with the up-to-date technology.On the one hand, Zhongtian Lighting has been endeavor to improving its performance. The unique power supply and brand chips guarantee the stability of operating LED flood lights. A wide working temperature ranging from -40℃ to 55℃ enables it to work well even in the harshest condition. The 6030 aluminum and PC covers help LED flood light to proof high heat, vibration, water etc.Besides, its light weight and small size make it easier to transport and install. The output lumens of 60-watt LED flood light are from 5400lm to 6000lm. Its color temperature is 3000K-35000K, 4000K-45000K and 5500K-6500K. Its power management has been optimized for 90-100lm/W luminous efficacy with 0.98 power factor. With new technology, it will be more reliable and effective to solve the heat release issue and keep the quality of Zhongtian Lighting LED flood lights more stable. Zhongtian Lighting latest generation improves the module design, using the latest high brightness brand chip and the latest high quality lens and the excellent heat dissipation design, the luminous efficiency is much higher and much more effective. What’s more, achieving the CE, RoHS and other global certificates enables customers to use safely to a large extent.Zhongtian Lighting is committed to developing a product that is not only delicate and energy efficient, but also functions without any compromise to light quality or performance, which gain it a huge achievement and a place in the LED lighting industry. It will strengthen its power and better its management system for building a good image in the world market.For more information, please visit http://www.ztlights.com/LED-Flood-light.html


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