LumenOptix provides 75% annual energy savings in canopy area of Arkansas Children’s Hospital

Date Announced: 16 Aug 2012

Arkansas Children’s Hospital
Little Rock, AR


The canopy area to the entrance of the Arkansas Children’s Hospital was lit with 100 watt mercury vapor downlights creating an undesirable greenish hue and unsanitary conditions with bird and insect access.
The mercury vapor lamps required frequent and costly replacements as well as the high cost to operate.

LumenOptix™ Solution
LRD8 30 watt, 2000 lumen, 4000k LED Retrofit Downlights.

• Increased light output by well over 50%
• Improved color rendering with the LRD’s 80CRI
•Each LED Retrofit Downlight took less than 10 minutes to install

About LumenOptix

LumenOptix specializes in the design and fabrication of specification grade luminaires for retrofit applications in the commercial, industrial, warehouse and retail markets. The company’s goal is to leverage precision optics and creative luminaire design to make for easier use and adoption of emerging lighting technologies; creating lighting systems that give the level of desired light while maximizing savings for their end use customers.

LumenOptix offers intelligent lighting solutions that are designed around customers’ unique requirements and manufactured in the United States of America.



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