Suncom Lighting finishes solar LED street lighting project for an industrial Park 2012

Aug. 30, 2012
Date Announced: 30 Aug 2012 This project lasted about 2 months. Our super bright 45W LED street light combined with solar power provides lighting for 40,000m2 industrial park. In this project, we designed a special lens with angle 70*140, rectangle lighting pattern. so that the max pole spacing is 50m at some place. then we can use less pole and fixture to provide better lighting solutions.Presented by Suzhou EIC Electronic Co., Ltd. located in Kunshan, next to Shanghai, was formally registered in February 2011, but its R & D center has been established and operated in 2008. EIC is registered with capital of 10 million US Dollars and has total investment volume of 25 million US Dollars, in which invisible capital takes the share of 4 million US Dollars. Business Range: LED lighting and related products specialist. EIC specializes in providing R&D, design, manufacture, sales and technical service for LED lighting, high power and efficient heat radiators, carbon nanotubes, surface coating, conductive material and EMI. EIC has national and international R&D teams (PHD from University of Toronto, Professors from UBC and Shanghai Tech. University)provide technical support for our research, and overcome difficulties such as how to increase high intensive heat flow with low temperature gradient for high power LED lighting in order to keep LED chips in low temperature and enlarge effective thermal dissipation area. EIC also can provide professional and customizable secondary and third light distribution design. Many 1st Creations. - First LED street light to use shell itself to achieve heat dissipation instead of requiring finned radiator. - First to combining calorifics, optics, electrics, intelligent control and aesthetics perfectly and lead the global trend. - First successfully to keep the cost of high powered LED lights almost the same level with traditional lights. We sincerely welcome professionals to pay a visit and make cooperation with our company. Lighting Solutions We are not only high quality LED light manufacturer, but also have the ability to provide lighting solutions and budget calculation as per customers' requirement. Please contact us for project quotation.

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