Rubicon technology selects Zeta 300 series for manufacturing of sapphire substrates

Aug. 6, 2012
Date Announced: 06 Aug 2012 SAN JOSE, California, August 6, 2012 —Zeta Instruments, Inc., a leading provider of cost-effective, precision optical profilers for micron-scale surface analysis, announced that Rubicon Technology, Inc., (Nasdaq:RBCN) has ordered multiple units of the Zeta 300™ series optical profiler for its sapphire substrates and wafer production aimed at the high-brightness light-emitting diodes (HBLED) market.A leading provider of sapphire substrates and products to the LED, semiconductor, and optical industries, Rubicon's products are widely viewed as the gold standard in the HBLED industry. Highly sensitive to the LED manufacturer’s costs of wafer failure late in the production cycle, Rubicon will use the Zeta-300 series optical profilers for inspection and metrology of sapphire substrates to help improve wafer yield and lower costs for their LED customers.Known for cost-effective advanced functionality, Zeta's intuitive high-precision metrology systems have gained strong traction across the LED industry. The latest in the innovative suite of optical profilers, the Zeta-300 series was specifically designed to address the stringent specifications of the Patterned Sapphire Substrate (PSS) market. It combines PSS metrology and defect review in a system that is unique in the sapphire industry, enabling detailed measurement of PSS structure dimensions as well as wafer defect inspection on the same system.“We have evaluated many tools for the production environment and the Zeta 300™ series, delivers the best combination of speed and accuracy for precision metrology applications,” said Raja M. Parvez, president and CEO of Rubicon Technology. “Zeta's systems are integral to assuring our products meet and surpass our own internal quality specifications and those of our customers."The Zeta-300 series leverages Zeta’s patented Z-Dot™ technology to deliver high repeatability and accuracy for the measurement of LED-patterned/etched substrates, photo-resist and stacked structures on transparent surfaces. Regarded as having the best optics and algorithm combination, it provides rapid and reliable data acquisition and analysis. In side-to-side comparisons with competitive offerings it consistently delivers the highest repeatability and accuracy for PSS measurements in the LED industry. Coupled with application-specific software and a companion automated wafer handler, the Zeta-380 provides imaging and measurement capabilities superior to those of laser confocal microscopes. The Zeta-380 measures and detects defects falling outside the industry certification levels that may not be detected by competing offerings. Zeta’s intuitive and innovative system design also offers a greater ease of use while lowering overall cost of ownership.Rusmin Kudinar, president of Zeta Instruments, stated, "Having one of the world's largest and most esteemed PSS wafer suppliers select the Zeta-300 series as integral to its manufacturing process is powerful validation of our product strategy and development efforts. We look forward to an ongoing trusted partnership with Rubicon as they continuously pave the way advancing sapphire technology."For more information on the Zeta-300 series, visit About Rubicon Technology, Inc.Rubicon Technology, Inc. is an advanced electronic materials provider that is engaged in developing, manufacturing and selling monocrystalline sapphire and other crystalline products for light-emitting diodes (LEDs), radio frequency integrated circuits (RFICs), blue laser diodes, optoelectronics and other optical applications. The Company applies its proprietary crystal growth technology to produce very high-quality sapphire in a form that allows for volume production of various sizes and orientations of substrates and windows. Rubicon is a vertically-integrated manufacturer with capabilities in crystal growth, high precision core drilling, wafer slicing, surface lapping, large-diameter polishing and wafer cleaning processes, which the Company employs to convert the bulk crystal into products with the quality and precision specified by its customers. The Company is the world leader in larger diameter products to support next-generation LED, RFIC and optical window applications.About Zeta InstrumentsZeta Instruments is a leading provider of optical profiler systems that enable manufacturers of green-technology and biomedical products to substantially improve yields and quality control. Its solutions are widely used in the development of microfluidics/biotechnology, high-brightness LEDs, solar cells, and magnetic storage media. Zeta is a privately held company headquartered in San Jose, California. To learn more about Zeta Instruments and its solutions please visit www.zeta-inst.comZ-Dot, Zeta-300 and Zeta-380 are trademarks of Zeta Instruments, Inc.

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