NFK breakthrough technology in heat management of LED commercial light

Aug. 23, 2012
Date Announced: 23 Aug 2012 BREATH™ of NFK is a unique thermal solution, which transfers the internal heat out from lighting fixture and to ensure the LEDinternal heat is not accumulate, thus the LED maintains its efficiency and long life. Design Concept:NFK has studied and researched delicately in thermal solutions of its LED lighting fixtures. In the construction of heat-sink, NFK has used the Hive-shape idea to increase heat release surface and enlarge ventilated area. With the Hive-shaped aluminum heat sink, our LED fixtures has the advantages of lighter in weight, smaller in size and stronger in construction compare to traditional lighting fixtures and other LEDs.The concept of hive heat-sink is to fill each comb by air. Whenthe temperature of the heat-sink heats up, the density of theair inside the comb become small. The small density air will descend like a fire balloon thus brings in new air. The air circulation is set up and enhanced gradually. During this process, the hot air is pushed away and cold air is pulled in continuously. As a consequence, the temperature around LED chips will maintain in a efficiency working environment . We call this as a breathing thermal sink.On the casing design, we integrate the hive heat-sink and airflow circulation method. The ventilated casing design helps the hot air inside the heat-sink to flow out and the new cooler air to flow in. We specially keep the lamp fixture with open and exposing design. Even though the lamp fixture is with open and exposing design more efficient heat-release, we still can keep the electronic partswaterproof. Unlike all the heat-sink solution, NFK has created new hive-shaped heat-sink and airflow circulation method for its productthermal solution. We call this thermal solution BREATH ™.

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