DALIPower will release the 3rd generation power drivers and application products to the Globe during the GZ lighting fair

March 26, 2012
Date Announced: 26 Mar 2012 DALI Power will hold the the 2nd power driver and application technology engineer experiences summit at GZ lighting fair (June 9th-12th, 2012). At the same time, it will release four LED power supply drivers’ technology and application products of the 3rd generation in different applications to the Globe. Innovations applied to the LED drivers provide much lower cost and high quality lighting output. Acceleration the adoption of LED lighting has always been DALI Power’s mission. The 3rd generation power supply drivers’ technology concentrates on superconductor thermal reliability, new generation intelligent dimmable power supply technology, low voltage dimmable application technology, intelligent dimmable color temperature technology. They will affect LED power supply drivers features and background applications. Those key factors carry out new concept in the design and interpretation. DALI Power introduced that the 3rd generation technology will base on the previous second-generation, LED lighting power supply provider will improve 3- 5 times reliability according to the industrial design guidelines of high efficiency conversion from the superconducting heat. More intelligent pulse width modulation (PWM) dimmable control circuit and digital control mechanism will achieve a minimum of 0.1% dimmable ability. It will ensure the compatibility of the original SCR regulation. The adjustable color temperature’s intelligent technology application will help customers to use high-end lighting and control functions easily applied to the mainstream of professional and consumer lighting products. Life will be increased 3- 5 years with zero Lumen decreasing. The technology can definitely enhance the LED driver overall performance to matching with the lighting life. It also can further enhance the luminous efficiency of the whole lamp. DALI Power pointed out that, compared with the previous driver, the third-generation driver technology has always been to market demand-oriented, the market efficiency will be defined as R&D purpose. Technology and market needs are fully reflected. From R&D to production, there are a large number of representative samples of market research. So the LED lighting manufacturers could reduce production costs and deliver new products at fast pace, especially high-end overseas market. Therefore the LED lighting applications would be widely. DALI Power has emphasized that it has a variety of unique differentiating features; it will be applied in the general consumer market and high end lighting products. While owing the leading technology is not an end; the key is the combination of technology and market. Advanced technology could be more applied in LED markets and meet with LED market requirements is the real leading significance advancement. It is known that DALI Power held high efficient lighting power supply driver, control and application seminars in 2011 and released the 2nd generation technology. It took less than 2 years to the new release of the 3rd generation. To improve the efficiency is always the focus of DALI Power Limited. DALI Power is expected to cooperate with global leading companies on high quality LED application products and work with dynamic LED lighting manufacturers in LED applications to promote Green lighting industry. For more information DALI power, please visit http://www.dalipower.net

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