Finelite doubles industry standard with 10-year product warranty for recessed LED luminaires

March 22, 2012
Date Announced: 22 Mar 2012 First-of-its-class product line delivers exceptional savings backed by optimal performanceUNION CITY, CA -– Finelite Inc., a leader in high performance commercial building lighting systems, today unveiled a new, industry-leading 10-year warranty for its High Performance Recessed LED (HPRLED) luminaire collection. At twice the industry standard for lifetime operating hours, this warranty also doubles the standard coverage terms for optimal performance over the extended lifetime of the luminaire.“This customer-friendly 10-year warranty demonstrates our absolute confidence in the robust luminaire design of HPR-LED, and our commitment to make lighting design a key driver for energy efficient builidings," said Terry Clark, Finelite chairman and chief technology officer. “This is yet another assurance that our quality indoor LEDluminaires are solidly backed by service levels Finelite customers have come to expect.”The HPR-LED collection, introduced last fall is a distinct new ambient luminaire for all conditioned spaces and is a critical part of Finelite’s commitment to a Net-Zero Energy future. It integrates Finelite’s mid-power LED approach to deliver exceptional energy efficiency and lumen maintenance over the product lifetime. With an independently verified L90 lifetime (90% lumen maintenance) of 100,000 hours, the warranty covers the luminaire, LED light engine, driver, replacement parts and shipping. If the luminaire delivers less than 90% light output during the 10-year warranty period, Finelite will supply the replacement parts. Finelite even makes the replacement process easy, as all HPR-LED luminaires are 100% serviceable from below.With up to a 50% reduction in energy consumption, these energy-efficient lighting systems play an important part in increasing the sustainability of any building. Learn more about Finelite’s progress towards a Net-Zero Energy future at: HPR-LED collectionThe HPR-LED collection is an affordable, award-winning family of glare-free, indoor ambient LED luminaires packaged with a light engine that runs cool, so it delivers over 90% initial light output at 100,000 hours of operation.The entire collection comes standard with dimming, is 100% serviceable from below, and has been rigorously and independently tested (LM79 and LM80). The HPR-LED ships in 10-days or less, is DesignLights™ Consortium (DLC) qualified and Buy American Act of 2009 compliant.About FineliteFor the past 20 years, Finelite has been in the business of developing better, more energy-efficient lighting for offices, educational and healthcare facilities. The Finelite product lines include ambient LED lighting, LED task lighting, high performance fluorescent general illumination light fixtures, and patented plug-and-play lighting systems. By following an integrated, three-step approach to assessing lighting needs, Finelite works with architectsto ensure that your workplace is lit with the right balance of focused, vertical and ambient light, while minimizing overall energy consumption. Finelite also works in partnership with the California Energy Commission and the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority, and has received national awards for their lighting research projects. Learn more at:

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