LED-component Duris P 5 sets standards for lifetime and corrosion stability

March 27, 2012
Date Announced: 27 Mar 2012 More and more frequently, luminaires in the professional sector are equipped with LEDs. This applies both for indoor and outdoor lighting solutions. In the process, luminaire manufacturers give particular importance to durable, efficient and high-quality LEDs. “The demand for high-quality and robust light emitting diodes will continue to increase in the future. The Duris P 5 represents a true leap in innovation, in particular owing to its minimal error rate during long-term use,” explains Christian Neugirg, product manager at OSRAM Opto Semiconductors.Duris P 5 offers a luminous efficacy of up to 110 lm/W (color temperature 3000 K) and an average lifetime of more than 50,000 hours, even at high currents and temperatures. Furthermore, this highly efficient LED is the first of its kind on the market for medium-power classes with particular resistance to adverse environmental conditions. Long-term tests with corrosive gases such as sulphur or chlorine cause no harm to the LED, without inducing a significant luminous flux decrease. Nor did long-term tests under sauna-like conditions, with considerable temperatures and high humidity levels, have any adverse effect on the LED.Small LED, huge effectThe new LEDs are ideally suited for linear and area luminaires, which are found in offices, shops and in billboard lighting solutions. The Duris P 5 enables homogenous illumination without any noticeable individual points of light. As luminaires typically contain more than 100 mid-power LEDs, a low failure rate of the LEDs used is of particular importance to ensure a high luminaire quality throughout their lifetime.Cost savings on system levelYet, increased corrosion stability, as offered by Duris P 5, is not only an important factor when used for outdoor applications. LEDs are also exposed to corrosive influences when used indoors. These are induced, among others, by circuit board materials, rubber seals or adhesives. Hence, an increased resistance against corrosion provides an additional guarantee for the durability of professional lighting solutions.“With the Duris P 5, luminaires need no hermetical encapsulation any longer to be protected against corrosion. Thus the manufacturers of luminaires save costs on the entire system,” Neugirg says.

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