Spring City Electrical awarded patent for thermal management and optical systems

Date Announced: 12 Mar 2012

-- U.S. Patent Office Grants Spring City Electrical Manufacturing a Patent Covering Thermal Management and Optical Systems for Decorative Lighting Fixtures

Spring City Electrical is pleased to announce the United States Letters Patent No. 8,104,929 issued on January 31st, 2012. This patent covers the CoolCast(tm) thermal management system and the CROSSFIRE(tm) Optical System of the Spring City LED luminaires line. Personnel from Heatron of Leavenworth, KS were involved with this patent.

Patent No. 8,104,929 states that "the cast metal dome roof and the LED light engines, wherein the light engines conductive metal substrate is in conformal contract with a portion of the inner surface of the roof such that the roof provides increased heat sink mass and the outer surface of the roof provides a heat dissipating surface area outside of the housing.

"Preferred embodiments includes a street light where in two LED light engines are mounted at about 20 and 160 degrees to a line parallel to the street segment to produce as asymmetric light profile that reaches over and along the street for an effective distance, but does not extend very far on the side away from the street. Also disclosed is a reflector module for an LED light engine having rows of cone reflectors modified to product an effective emission pattern."

There are several benefits of the technology covered by this patent. First, with patented thermal management technology Spring City is able to offer the highest wattages in the industry. This is particularly important with decorative tear drop fixtures. Second, with the help of the CROSSFIRE Optical System, Spring City is able to blend the light so that each LED is not visible.

Spring City has incorporated the technology of this patent into 18 of its existing classic fixtures. “Our main goal when designing our LED luminaire line was to adhere to the expected appearance set by Spring City and the decorative outdoor lighting industry. We found that maintaining old-world charm appearance on the outside with revolutionary technology internally was the key to success of this optical system,” Alan Brink, President of Spring City.

Fixtures with this patented technology have already received wide acceptance from important customers. Fixtures with technology have already been installed at the US Military Academy, Indiana University, Cornell University, Johns Hopkins University, American University, the Cities of Topeka, Chicago, Boston as well as many other communities and colleges.

Spring City LED optical systems provide better light control, easier maintenance, and superior cost-effectiveness. The operational lifespan is well over 75,000 hours and this fixture is offered with a variable color temperature ranging from 2700K to 6000K. Spring City offers a seven-year warranty on their line of LED fixtures.

About Spring City

Spring City’s core business consists of cast ornamental lighting standards. A large design library and advanced data processing bring you full submitta drawings and specifications in minimum time. With Spring City, you can choose from the country's widest range of traditional styles - or create your own custom designs. And since Spring City does not send their work out to another
foundry (or another country,) they can maintain tight project timing and stringent quality control over every single step of your job, from initial preparation all the way to final finishing.

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